Let’s begin the challenge!

The challenge: one year without buying anything made in China. American-made whenever possible.

Start date: January 4, 2014

Why: because I say “go America down with China”? No. Knowing where my products come from and understanding how they were made and what resources were put into making them; that’s what this challenge is going to be about.

That said, here are my top reasons for ending my relationship with Chinese goods:

1. The longer something transports the worse for the environment. Ships pollute like crazy and harm life in our oceans. Google it. We need to reduce the amount of goods we import from far away. Period.

2. China’s big pollution issue: Uncontrolled exhausts from factories, energy/power plants and transports. Uncontrolled wastewater and outlets; chemicals, dyes and additives ending up in rivers and lands.

3. China’s (and other countries in the east) laws for employee rights are not ok; people breathing, working and living in the pollution mentioned above. And do I want children making my clothes and gadgets? No. I don’t want to contribute to people suffering in Sweat Shops in order to make me a new shirt. There are exceptions, of course, but in general we just don’t know.

4. It can’t be right that one single country gets to make almost everything I buy and own! I want to support my local economy – not theirs. The poor people aren’t getting richer over there – the rich are.

Just a fraction of what we own – Made in China

Me: I’m not a researcher, politician or professional activist. I am a 9-5 woman on a mission. If you want to change the world, live greener, become more aware – start with yourself!

You may not realize how HARD of a challenge this is. Take a look around a department store or toy store.  Find many options not made in China? Find many options made ethically or made in the USA? Didn’t think so. Take a look in your own home too, and discover that most everything is Asian.

Try a month of joining me in the challenge and post your comments! This is hard work people and a task bound to drive some poor husbands, wives, partners and friends crazy.

I’m ready to do this!

I hope you all will enjoy following my blog!

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