Oh, the choices we make (go ahead, ask questions!)

People sometimes ask me if I have thrown away everything I own from China. Of course not. That would be even worse for the environment and contribute even more to the American over-consumption (which makes me sad when I think about it) as I would have to buy new lamps, shirts, sneakers, pillows, kitchen stuff, crafts…..

No – my already purchased “made in China” will be worn and worn out! My favorite shirt in the world is made in China. I didn’t check the label as I bought it last year. Today, I would have checked and passed. Could I have lived without it? Yes. Do I love it still? Yes. Hey it’s never too late to make better, more enlightened choices. The past never decides the future.

Dying to know more about the shirt? It’s from China-central also known as J.Crew. It’s a fine knit in off white with tiny orangey fruits on it. Vintage and adorable.

J.crew shirt

2 thoughts on “Oh, the choices we make (go ahead, ask questions!)

  1. What is your take on buying made in China products from a resale or thrift shop? I just went on a thrifting spree this week and only later noticed that one of tops I purchased had in big letters MADE IN CHINA on the tag!


    1. I love thrifing sprees! My opinion is that when it’s second hand, all is fine. You’re keeping that made in China top out of landfills, away from being donated somewhere, you’re supporting local business, and a bonus is that all the chemicals are already washed out by the previous owner! :-)

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