All the money you will be saving…!

I believe the general perception is that one might need a lot of money to buy “not made in China” items.

It is true that American made products cost more. Cost being defined as “cash out of pocket needed to become the owner of an item”. Not cost for the environment, the world’s resources etc. US products cost more because it costs more to make them (labor, utilities, raw materials, facilities , regulations etc). That makes sense.

However, I like to think about all the money I am actually saving by saying no to Chinese goods. I am sure I am not the only one who sometimes buy things I don’t need.

For example, you know when you stand in line at Starbucks and see a vintage style mug you don’t need but kind of want? Well, you will be saving 10 bucks right there since the label will say made in China.

Maybe you are eyeing another fashionable smartphone case (for your Chinese smartphone). Read the label and it’s a no go! Cute jewelry by the checkout of your favorite store…another fluffy animal for the baby…. You get the picture.

Most likely around 80% of your impulse purchases will stop. Less consumerism, no need for more storage room and more money in your pocket! It’s a win-win! (Your hubby will love the new you! LOL)

Something to say? Please leave me a comment :)

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