Food for thought… Why the grocery store is a safe place

It has been four months today since I started the not made in China challenge. And a challenge, it really is. But yay for making it this far!

I haven’t been shopping for anything other than groceries lately, so it’s been a bit of a well deserved challenge break and the supermarket is kind of a safe place for me. Most products I buy are from right around here. I always check the labels (nutrition!) and origins (of course) and try to buy as local as I can. When your backyard is Mexico, organic veggie and fruit choices are endless and yummy.

Speaking of fruits, here is a heads up, apple juice (minute maid for one) and other fruit products may contain Chinese fruit! It’s always listed on the label, easy to find. But how can it be more economical to import apples from China than to use local American fruit? That blows my mind!

IMG_1193Another thing that has gotten my attention lately is organic and grass fed beef (if you shop for meat, that’s what you should always choose), which seems to be hard to find local.

If you see a little sign that says “inspected by the USDA” the meat may or may not be imported. And if it indeed is imported, I’ve noticed that it is often listed as “made in Australia”. I can’t think of any place further away than that! I estimate the shipping time is minimum 6 weeks. Crazy.

If there are no local, grass fed, organic meats, come up with something else to eat for dinner. A plant based diet is better for you and our environment anyway!

The point of this post: always read the label!

The wine section is at least very easy to navigate. Pretty tags that say Washington State on them. Where’s the sweet harvest?

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