To my dear Crate & Barrel; Thanks for making it easy to shop made right (here)!

We moved into our house 2 years ago, and only now have we finally decided on a bed frame for our master bedroom. Yes, we take our time. The winner; a royal brown quadrant king bed from ever so stylish Crate and Barrel.

I love Crate and Barrel. I love their webshop too, because they actually list where the furniture is made! All online retailers, in my opinion, should tell you where things are made, but very few do. It makes shopping online so much easier and safer! Sure there are pieces from China, but at least Crate and Barrel tell you. I did a random check in all sections (furniture, accessories, towels) and it is always listed under “Details and Dimensions” or “Details”.

The bed we fell I love with, is custom made right here in North Carolina. The fabric is from Taiwan, that’s not exactly grand, but at least it’s all upholstered in USA.

The bed had a 6-8 weeks delivery (they had to make it for us!) time, but it was worth the wait! Not to go too much in to details about this, but their delivery service was great and when you call them, an actual person picks up the phone! Must be that friendly midwestern way of doing things, right?


Now I need to dig through all our moving boxes, the ones that are still left unopened, to see what to put up on the walls. We’ve also decided to paint the nightstands blue, to add some color to the room.

See that little blue pillow? It’s made in America from Bed, Bath and Beyond! I am shocked they had something domestic!! I love that vintage look too, and for 24.99 – it was a steal.

Even the most common, mainstream stores can surprise you, just read the labels. And, hey, no judging on my bed making skills, please :)

3 thoughts on “To my dear Crate & Barrel; Thanks for making it easy to shop made right (here)!

  1. Hello Anna,
    I do agree C&B website clearly shows some items that are Made In U.S.A. We at Best Manufacturers have supplied C&B with two food whisks that have been made in Portland, OR for almost 60 years. We are grateful for a long run. Several weeks ago we were told these items are out as of July as they decided go directly to China reducing that Made in U.S.A. selection by two. Generally our tools are very competitive with imports but large brick and mortars are under extreme pressure for margins. A specialty American manufacturer like Best, ultimately loses access to customers. You can manufacture in U.S.A. all day long but if circumstances block your access to customers…what to do? Consumers need to be “country of origin” conscious. Even if American Made products are not in the mix, know something about where your purchases come from and the value added of informed decisions. Thank you for your efforts promoting Made In U.S.A.


    1. Hi John! First, I can’t believe you found this old blog post that I wrote when I was just starting to blog. Gave me a such a nice surprise to see a comment about this matter. You are absolutely right, we need small US companies to have access to customers and I am disappointed thet Crate & Barrel have decided to go to China. I will list your brand in my shopping guide for sure! Made in USA and plastic free – can’t beat that. Thanks for visiting!


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