It’s a miracle (for my phone)!

A miracle has happened! I bought something made in USA at the Apple store!

I jokingly told my husband, “Welcome to China”, as we walked in. We were both looking for I-phone cases. Yes, I have a Chinese phone, courtesy of my company. (Not that there are many other choices when it comes to smartphones) “Designed in California – Made in China” is a common statement used to soften the blow when everything is imported.

img_2729-e1403210312906To my surprise and joy, I walked out of there with a very cute coral/pink and blue CandyShell from (*)speck. Designed in California – Made in USA. Yes folks, this really happened, and I have pictures to prove it! I don’t know if it’s the best cover with the best shock resistance out there but I am an office girl, I don’t need that much protection other than from scratches, smaller bumping and purse-riding.

I wouldn’t purchase this online though, I am sure they also source in China. If they didn’t there wouldn’t be a need to have the “Designed in California” part on their products (right?), plus “Made in USA” would be all over their site… everyone knows by now that’s smart advertising. Anyway, I found one, made right (here).

One thought on “It’s a miracle (for my phone)!

  1. This phone case is not very good quality, and I will be looking for another Made in USA phone case for my I-phone 5. It’s exciting that it’s made here, but I would not recommend it. (comment by blog owner)


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