Too young for comfort (-able shoes)

Last week I was excited to hear about SAS shoes for the first time. Apparently all made in Texas(!) and super comfortable. I was told they are ugly, but I was still hopeful after reading about their manufacturing and quality, and some of the sandals looked ok online. I made my husband come with me and we gave the store a try. I don’t want to offend anyone but I am probably 50 years too young to wear SAS. Why do comfortable shoes always have to be for older people with wide feet? And I sooo wanted to like them, and be wearing 100% USA-made shoes. Sob sob.

New try. New balance dot com. And yes. I may have spent more than a few minutes trying to design my own custom, perfect sneaker online (this may or may not have happened during work hours). Pink with purple, or all orange, because I like orange, or maybe black?

70% of the value of the sneakers, they say, are made here upon order, so they have the right to label it made in USA. It’s pretty cool too, how they are the only big-brand sneaker maker that produces some (1 of 4 pairs) of their products here still.

Press purchase and 6-8 days later, colorful, one of a kind sneakers at my door with a much coveted tag. This is more my type of SAS – stylish adorable sporty.

Skærmbillede 2014-08-26 kl. 19.59.28

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