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And when it’s hot and ready, then dreidel I shall drink

There’s nothing like enjoying hot spiced wine, with a loved one (or two) on a cold December night. The smell of cinnamon, cardamom and red wine fills the house and creates that Christmas feeling. Add a few ginger snaps, music and a fire place; it’s perfection.

This year I actually got myself a little present (say what!) – 6 oz. tumbler glasses, which we will use only for these cozy winter nights. Made in USA, of course, with tiny blue winter leaves. Or winter leaves is what I thought it was until I read the label… “Dreidel tumbler” it said. Oh, what the heck, I like dreidels!

And I love it when Christmas decorations are in unexpected colors, like blue. Where I bought these cuties? All-time favorite, also known as the land of inspiration (and empty wallets); Crate and Barrel. At only a few dollars each, for once I didn’t break the bank.

Happy Holidays!


Two tips for a stress free (eco-friendly) Christmas

You’ve already gotten gifts for your loved ones. Something meaningful, sustainably made, eco-friendly and local that you know they will love (right?). Now comes the stress of gifting for all the other friends and family members whom you, sort of, “should” be giving something. Let’s solve that problem real quick.

Here are my top tips for nailing it, this Christmas:

1. Give the gift of alcohol. Never has a bottle disappointed an adult. We all live somewhat close to a winery, brewery or distillery right? And if the person who gets it doesn’t drink, I assure you it will be re-gifted very soon. Packaging is all recyclable and most liquor stores accept corks back too. Cheers to shopping local!

2. Most kids won’t remember what you got them. So skip the gift. Most will have too many presents to begin with; some won’t even have time to open them all. Feel bad? Tell the parents you’re trying to reduce consumption and if that doesn’t provide an aha-moment, give them a gift according to tip 1, so they can drown their sorrows.

Texas wine anyone? Yeah, I thought so.

And there’s a bonus tip:

3. Please don’t buy gift bags. Wrap gifts in stuff you have at home, like newspaper. Gift bags often contain plastic pieces and non FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved paper. And they ARE made in China. (Pollution! Dangerous dyes! Waste! Import!) Plus, you can’t be sure that the bag will be reused or recycled amidst all that Christmas stress.

So easy. So eco. Happy Holidays y’all!

Hey sugar, what’s smoother than smooth? (I am)

Am I obsessed with the scrubs from Simple Sugars? Yes. (Here’s proof that watching Shark Tank is never a waste of time).

Not only is the strawberry facial scrub clearing my skin, with natural salicylic acid and vitamin C, but it smells like I could eat it (and I probably could). And that almond body scrub…. Do I mind that our shower now smells like a marzipan factory? Not at all.

Pittsburgh, PA, where Simple Sugars is based, has (unfortunately) been on the list of Americas most polluted cities a few times. So how wonderful it is that this young entrepreneur is bringing a product to market, exactly there, which is super safe for us and super safe for the environment as it slides, I imagine, very smoothly down the drain.

Gooey goodness and eco friendly – for that reason I am in.

Bonus: the jars are sturdy enough to be washed and reused for storage.

IMG_3911 IMG_3988

Santa, baby, bring me boots

Recently, I talked about the importance of choosing your leather goods carefully. Need a refresher? Check out this post.

But, as a matter of fact, I’m pining over a little something something leather right now. I am madly in love with the Timberland Boot Company. Classic styles, outstanding quality and hues that will last for years.


So what’s the deal?

Pricy for sure, ranges between $250 to $300 for women, up to $425 for men. That said, here’s the beautiful part, they’re all hand made in Arkansas with leather sourced from a Chicago leather company, using only native hides. They’re unlined for comfort, with leather stacked heels and a leather footbed.

For now, I’m only dreaming of these boots. They’re not on my need list since I have boots and I live in the South. But Santa, if you’re reading this, I’d like a pair of the Rust Distressed Gavie Coulter Boots, size 7. (Thank you!)


Most importantly, next time I’m out shopping for boots I’ll remember where to look first. Great style, made right. Yes please. That most definitely falls under the category of choosing my leather goods carefully.