Two tips for a stress free (eco-friendly) Christmas

You’ve already gotten gifts for your loved ones. Something meaningful, sustainably made, eco-friendly and local that you know they will love (right?). Now comes the stress of gifting for all the other friends and family members whom you, sort of, “should” be giving something. Let’s solve that problem real quick.

Here are my top tips for nailing it, this Christmas:

1. Give the gift of alcohol. Never has a bottle disappointed an adult. We all live somewhat close to a winery, brewery or distillery right? And if the person who gets it doesn’t drink, I assure you it will be re-gifted very soon. Packaging is all recyclable and most liquor stores accept corks back too. Cheers to shopping local!

2. Most kids won’t remember what you got them. So skip the gift. Most will have too many presents to begin with; some won’t even have time to open them all. Feel bad? Tell the parents you’re trying to reduce consumption and if that doesn’t provide an aha-moment, give them a gift according to tip 1, so they can drown their sorrows.

Texas wine anyone? Yeah, I thought so.

And there’s a bonus tip:

3. Please don’t buy gift bags. Wrap gifts in stuff you have at home, like newspaper. Gift bags often contain plastic pieces and non FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved paper. And they ARE made in China. (Pollution! Dangerous dyes! Waste! Import!) Plus, you can’t be sure that the bag will be reused or recycled amidst all that Christmas stress.

So easy. So eco. Happy Holidays y’all!

6 thoughts on “Two tips for a stress free (eco-friendly) Christmas

  1. A tip for a kids present could be an animal adoption, where the money goes towards conserving the animal in the wild. You can usually unchoose the teddy bear, and you get a diploma with the kids name on it. Planning to give wolf adoptions from myself next year!


    1. This post was supposed to be funny/grumpy environmentalist list so.. nothing for the kids ;) But I should totally do a charity/donations Christmas list next year!!
      I actually asked WWF once on how and where their stuffed animals were made and they gave me a vague answer… (=China).


  2. Although not fully eco-friendly, my grandmother always used to wrap up the top lid of a shirt box, so to open it you just lifted off the lid, no paper tearing involved. We would reuse the box for years and years!


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