Monthly Archives: February 2015

And the award for most boring baby gift goes to… (the one who shops local)

Isn’t January supposed to be a laid back month? All you have to do is 1. not spend any money 2. get your lazy post-holiday butt to the gym 3. blog. Yeah, not so much. Instead I had an unexpected work trip, a side of drama, visitors staying at the house, and a baby shower to attend.

A baby shower may not be a big, time consuming deal for everyone, I get that. But when it’s for a dear friend, whom you want to get a great gift and you’re on a not made in China challenge? Think “huge task”.

Registred at: Babies r’ Us. What a freaking nightmare. Not that she hadn’t registered for all types of things in a wide price range… But everything on that list (6 pages) was made in China. Everything except a diaper box (the actual plastic container was also made in USA) and laundry detergent.

Come on! That’s sad. And I only came to that conclusion after, like, an hour of navigating around the store, map in hand (yes, there is a map on the registry list) checking every single tag. Find the item, flip it over, search for origin, make my disappointed face. Next item; repeat.

Possibly the longest time a baby-less woman has ever spent in that (horrible) store.  Only to walk out with diapers and detergent I probably could have gotten at Target. Still, Anna 1, China 0. Boring or not.

Wooptie. What an exciting gift.