And the award for most boring baby gift goes to… (the one who shops local)

Isn’t January supposed to be a laid back month? All you have to do is 1. not spend any money 2. get your lazy post-holiday butt to the gym 3. blog. Yeah, not so much. Instead I had an unexpected work trip, a side of drama, visitors staying at the house, and a baby shower to attend.

A baby shower may not be a big, time consuming deal for everyone, I get that. But when it’s for a dear friend, whom you want to get a great gift and you’re on a not made in China challenge? Think “huge task”.

Registred at: Babies r’ Us. What a freaking nightmare. Not that she hadn’t registered for all types of things in a wide price range… But everything on that list (6 pages) was made in China. Everything except a diaper box (the actual plastic container was also made in USA) and laundry detergent.

Come on! That’s sad. And I only came to that conclusion after, like, an hour of navigating around the store, map in hand (yes, there is a map on the registry list) checking every single tag. Find the item, flip it over, search for origin, make my disappointed face. Next item; repeat.

Possibly the longest time a baby-less woman has ever spent in that (horrible) store.  Only to walk out with diapers and detergent I probably could have gotten at Target. Still, Anna 1, China 0. Boring or not.

Wooptie. What an exciting gift.

2 thoughts on “And the award for most boring baby gift goes to… (the one who shops local)

    1. Thanks Bret! That’s definitely a good resource. In this particular instance I really wanted to get my friend something of her registry, to make sure she got the right thing. There’s lots of cute baby stuff made in USA (or not made in China) I could have gotten her, just it wouldn’t have been on her list! Thanks for reading :)


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