Is the quality really better?

Last week at article club (yes, writers must also read) while briefly discussing not made in China, I got asked a question; do you find the quality of the things you buy better (than made in China)?

Honestly, not really. Or, yes and no. Let me elaborate.

Do I find clothing made in USA to be of outstanding quality? No. But definitely just as good as what I bought before, j.crew and banana. My favorite pricey (Chinese) sweaters from said companies all developed fuzzies after a few washes. And some broken seams have surely occurred. Do I find leather shoes from Brazil to be better quality than leather shoes from China? Maybe a little actually, but unfortunately not enough to justify the challenge and the extra dollars. brazil

But, then there’s the Harley Davidson my husband owns. An “American made” brand for American riders? Nah. Spend 5 minutes close up and you’ll notice all the parts are imported Chinese crap (it’s breaking down after only 400 miles!) and really what we have here is what people call “Assembled in America” (I just love it when they say that!). When my man added a handmade Roland Sands exhaust system, we could really tell the difference. Outstanding, American craftsmanship and quality. It is, no doubt, the best looking part of the bike. So in that case; the Harley representing China (how sad!), the exhaust representing America, yes, much better made right here.

I think the old saying “Chinese merchandise is bad quality” is just not true anymore. Some of it is cheap and poorly made (bolts, nuts, everything at Walmart, that keychain by the register). Some of it is quite well made, quality-ensured and expensive (Apple, Fossil).

Good thing for me, this challenge has little to do with quality of product and all to do with quality of life, oceans and air. And that, I don’t need to elaborate on, do I?

Something to say? Please leave me a comment :)

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