I found love at the Rack. Nordstrom Rack.

When I saw the print my heart skipped a beat.

When I felt the soft, cozy fabric I wanted it.

When I looked at the price tag and saw $37 (original $128) I was beyond excited.

When I flipped the size tag over and saw “Made in USA”, I thought “this is the BEST day ever”.

When I tried it on and found it to be a liiittle bit too big, I said “whatever, I’ll make it work with skinny jeans”.

I am now cute, cozy and pink in the office (hell yeah, you can touch it!). This is my first Wildfox sweater ever and if Nordstrom Rack continues to deliver, hopefully not my last.

L-O-V-E this.


2 thoughts on “I found love at the Rack. Nordstrom Rack.

  1. I love that you get so happy when you find something not made in china that almost fits. I experience this once in a while and it makes my day too. Good, I am not alone and there are more people like us I am finding. I have been China free for 10 years and it is hard but so worth it. I don’t do it for me, I do it for our country and our labor workers and my family and the children. Even the ones who don’t know or don’t care. Especially those that don’t care because one day they will be the ones without a job and will wonder what happened. Hopefully our children and grandchildren will regain what our parents and grandparents built.


    1. Yes, it’s so exciting to meet and hear about others that do the same, who care about what they purchase! Outlets and the Rack, sure are helpful when it comes to buying cute clothes for me, it does get expensive to shop local :) But it is so worth it! I do it for our country, for labor, for jobs, for pride, but also for the environment. We need to stop importing EVERYTHING. It’s just impossible to keep that up (from a pollution stand point) Thank you so much for sharing and reading!


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