Earth day is today. There shall be no Earth day Sale.

Today is Earth Day. A day to celebrate this wonderful planet we get to call home.

Some of my colleagues and I were joking about how the big department stores always need a reason to have a sale. You know; Mother’s Day sale, Valentine’s Day sale, Special-weekend-something sale. So we wondered if maybe somewhere today there is an Earth Day sale?

Right as we joked about it, a very clever woman in my office had this thought; “For Earth Day, wouldn’t it make sense if all the stores marked their pricing up like crazy instead of having a sale? No one would want to buy anything that day.”

What a beautiful idea! Yes, that makes sense!

Consumerism would halt for a day. Earth Day would be a day when we all take a break from shopping and instead treasure what we already have. Consumption would not get the best of us this one day – with a little help from the stores. Oh, if only store owners were as smart and caring for this planet as my colleague is.

In 2014, we used more natural resources in eight months than the planet can produce in 12 months. That’s basically the definition of unsustainable living. Yet we, yes you too, keep consuming and buying things we don’t need. Things that consumed energy, resources and often were transported here from far away.

Today is Earth Day – stay away from Walmart and eat your leftovers.

Read more about our planet’s resources and challenges here.

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