Because I write, I also read (blogs that is)

Sustainability champion and fellow eco-blogger Danielle @ No Need for Mars, nominated me for the Liebster Award a couple of weeks ago (yay!). It’s taken me a little while to decide how to approach this topic in my own way, hence the wait.

So what’s it all about? Well, it’s an award given by bloggers to other bloggers in order to bring attention to great blogs that we read and love, so others may discover them too.

There are some rules to it, kind of like a chain letter (which makes me freak a little) but I am doing it; with my own words.

First rule of the award is that I’m supposed to thank the nominator and that’s a given: Thank you, No need for Mars! I look forward to following your sustainable journey!

Then (step 2) I share the logo (look left!) and name a few of my own favorite blogs (step 3). These five (full of beauty!) make me smile:

  1. Sustainable Daisy. Her vintage finds and thrift store treasures look adorable. Every time. Wish I could pull it off!
  2. Timber+Thread.  I can almost smell the (locally sourced) wood. And I love handmade in USA. {Note. This blog is no longer active but they’re on instagram}
  3. Shutterluv by Ashley. This photography blog, which belongs to one of my best friends, is full of photos that capture joy of life in people’s eyes, and I luv it (and her!)
  4. Joli Naturellement. Because she knows green beauty and shows it off with the best photos. I just love the whole concept and look!
  5. StockholmBerlin. It is so Euro. So minimalist. Vintage fashion in German packaging. {Note. This blog is no longer active}

If you haven’t already, go check them out!

Another part of the award process (step 4) is that whoever nominated you, gets to ask you a few questions. Since blogging is all about personal views and experiences, I am happy to answer the questions I’ve been given! (Danielle, I did leave a few out, where I did not have an interesting answer).

What do you want your readers to know about you besides pursuing a sustainable lifestyle? *** I am always listening to music and when I hear a great line I want to use it as a blog title! It hardly ever works, since very few lines in songs match my blog theme. I did get to use I got Stripes by Johnny Cash for my new striped dress and On to Something Good by Ashley Monroe for my new face-wash routine. I do have a few more lined up, I’m just waiting for the right posts to come along where I can use them.


Do you consider yourself a minimalist or have you implemented minimalism into your lifestyle? *** I do think I am a little bit of a minimalist: buy only what we need, use what we need. Honestly, the fact that I live in Houston probably makes me look like a minimalist in comparison to people around me (waste, waste and greed). I don’t know anyone with a house as small as ours. That said, I wouldn’t label myself one ;)

Who is your biggest blog inspiration and why? *** Honestly? Julie from the movie Julie & Julia. I’d love that to happen to me (minus the hectic cooking).

Do you have any advice to people who get overwhelmed by the pursuit of zero waste and trying to inspire others?*** No one is perfect, we all just do our best. Making an honest effort for our environment is admirable in itself and more than most people do. If you can’t do it all, do what you can!

What is your favorite zero waste recipe or recipe you look forward to trying? *** I must say I am the master of leftovers. I always come up with something yummy to use them for. Quiche is a versatile favorite, I use for taking care of small amounts of left over veggies or meats.

Do you have a favorite charitable organization or ethical company? *** There are so many companies that I love. Locally Grown Clothing is a favorite. Organizations, I’d say Stand for Trees and Swedish Naturskyddsforeningen.

What lifestyle change or action item is next on your sustainable journey?*** I want to get way better at finding and buying previously owned things. I tend to lose patience real quick and end up buying new stuff (especially clothes!)

My questions to other bloggers (step 5) would be: What is your favorite part about blogging? When do you feel most inspired to write? Do you have a favorite post (among your own) and why? How did you come up with the name for your blog? Have you made any lifestyle changes lately in order to live more sustainably and eco-conciuous? What’s your one bad habit you wish you could kick (but can’t seem to!) in the name of sustainable living?

If any of the blogs I nominated want to take part, nominate some other blogs, tell us more about you and your blog – go ahead! If not, there ain’t nothing mandatory about blogging!

Anyway, some of my readers may have been inspired to check out some of the blogs I like – and that’s what it’s about. Thanks for reading, now go be sustainable!

8 thoughts on “Because I write, I also read (blogs that is)

  1. Awesome, Anna! I loved reading about you in this post and look forward to checking out those other blogs! CONGRATS on your nomination too! So cool! THANK YOU for mentioning me too! :)


  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    After a short absence of roughly two weeks I return to the blog to find these happy, encouraging words from a fellow sustainable fashion blogger!
    I’m on to returning the favour and nominate a few blogs myself for the Liebster Award. A fab way of bringing a little extra attention to inspirational sources out there, that share their own ways of fighting for a more sustainable living.
    Thank you Anna for the nomination!


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