The very best fishing reels are still made right (here)

I love blogging about “shop local” because my friends keep giving me great ideas for posts.

A good friend from work told me, he had been researching fly fishing equipment and came across an article that he thought I might enjoy. Me? Blogging about fishing gear? Ok! (It does give me an excuse to post this beautiful picture of my husband and some friends fishing!)

Instead of trying to recap something very well written, I decided to include the text as it is in the article. How cool is it that this text pretty much ends with the statement “made right here”?! Very cool and perfect; that’s what it is. Did you know that when you buy US made reels you support the conservation efforts of our waters and fish?

Read on and learn more about how it works and what to consider when you shop for fishing gear.

By S. Hansen “Magical Light”

“In a global economy less and less people are being sticklers for goods made exclusively here in the US. But there is a very good reason to buy US made reels that very few people know about. The Pittman–Robertson Act was so successful that in the 1950s, a similar act was written for fish. This one was titled the Federal Aid in Fish Restoration Act. As with its wildlife counterpart, the name of this act is generally shortened by reducing it to the names of those who sponsored it, and so it is generally referred to as the Dingell–Johnson Act.

This law stipulates that reel manufacturers must pay 10% of the first sale to the US government. This provides each state valuable financial assistance for fish restoration and management plans and projects. The sticking point here is that for most of the US manufacturers, their first sale is directly to retailers. For reels manufactured offshore, the companies selling import reels have invented very innovative ways to reduce this “first sale” 10% to a much more minimal amount.

So by buying US made reels, you are not only being patriotic and providing more jobs for US workers, you are also helping support our fisheries. The next time you are out fishing, look around you and realize that you and your gear contribute to sustaining the fisheries you love.

That being said, does buying American make sense? Yes and no. Many anglers are looking for the absolute best reel out there, regardless of what it costs or where it is made. Look at car buyers – a lot of successful people are riding around in a Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche or Ferrari because they are generally rated better than anything from our American manufacturers – regardless of the cost or origin. Fortunately for us, most of the very best fly reels are still made right here in the old USA

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