This week’s impulse purchase: A few tons of CO2 and some trees

Have you ever experienced the mysterious ways your friends like things on Facebook?

What I mean is this: Post a picture of yourself in a new dress, tag it #MadeinUSA #OutfitILove and get 25 likes, five comments and 100 views on the blog. Post a link to a relevant article on land destruction (so sad) or animals being saved from captivity (yay); get two likes, no comments, no views. (One of those likes being from my husband.)

So when I came across this video and shared it and no one seemed to care, I figured I’d share it here too. Maybe a few eco-conscious followers will watch it :)

I didn’t know who Prince Ea was before I stumbled upon his important message. He is saying EXACTLY what I want to tell people who seem to not have woken up yet. We have one planet.

Favorite Quote: “What ever you are fighting for; Racism, Poverty, Feminism, Gay Rights or any type of Equality – It won’t matter in the least, because if we all don’t work together to save the environment we will be Equally Extinct.”

No matter your cause; saving wildlife, planting trees, cutting back on meat, shopping sustainably, living homemade, committed to zero waste, driving electric… One way or another, you have probably implemented these changes in your life with an intention of doing better for our planet. And the thing is, once you start walking down one eco-path, you quickly embrace another. Why? Because they make sense.

Thanks to all the bloggers who inspire me to walk new paths! And, of course, thanks to Price Ea who made me make an impulse purchase (I hardly ever do!) in order to save some trees :)


Must give cudos to Stand for Trees for not asking for my home address or offer to send me some sort of “thank you gift”. Above PDFs in an email, was all I got and wanted.

Got some money burning in your pocket? Donate here to plant some trees and support clean air and lives:

Stand for Trees

2 thoughts on “This week’s impulse purchase: A few tons of CO2 and some trees

  1. That was an incredible video! I, too have the same situation, in which people care when it’s a photo of something materialistic, but when it’s something that really matters (I share a lot of petitions about things like fracking), I get one or two likes(one of which is usually my boyfriend).
    This video said everything I’ve wanted to say for a long time. Thank you for posting it!
    I actually co lead my high school’s environmental club, and you’ve inspired me to try to incorporate this organization into one of our fundraisers.
    I know a lot of people don’t regard the environment as a pressing or “sexy” issue, so it doesn’t get talked about as much as it should, but don’t give up! Keep the conversation going!

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    1. Thank you so much for commenting and letting me know what you thought! I agree, it said everything, I was so happy I found it. It’s so sad it’s not sexy and trendy to talk about the environment (yet) but with cool chicks like us talking, and trying to educate and share knowledge on the topic, I believe we can get there!! :)

      Liked by 1 person

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