Back at the Rack for something Splendid

Funny enough, just a few days before I bought these cool pants, my friend had texted me about Splendid. She asked if I knew the brand, and I said no, and she said they may still be making most of their stuff in USA, so I said I would look into it. I added the brand to my imaginary “must-check-out-this-brand-note-book” immediately. Turns out, they are not all made in USA anymore, but do fabricate in Cali still.

You know what happened next; I was at the Rack and found this pair of sweats in my size in the clearance section! MSRP $128, I paid $32: that’s how I like it.


This was a particularly awesome shopping experience because it was a zero waste purchase! I said no to the bag, and the store offered to email me the receipt meaning no print was needed. Also, I had parked my car where I had an errand close by and ended up walking all the way to the Rack (in 100 degrees) and back: reducing start-stop emissions!

I swear I am not on an endorsement deal from Nordstrom Rack. For real! I just find so many amazing deals there that I keep blogging about them.

Comfy, cool and my favorite color. Win.

6 thoughts on “Back at the Rack for something Splendid

  1. Just now I found a blog with a similar mission to yours, so I was excited to see what they had to say. Then the first post I read needlessly and insensitively contained a Chinese racial slur. Obviously, I was crestfallen. I was going to say something, but then I realized one random blog comment wasn’t going to change this person’s attitude.

    Point of the story, thank you for the ethics, quality, and sensitivity of your blog. More people could use it.

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  2. Thanks Danielle. I am trying to help the Chinese people actually :) No one should have to live in their pollution! (caused by industries pushed onto them by the west’s ideals for GDP…)
    How sad that that was their point of view on that other blog, bad publicity for the cause I think. I may have left a comment had I read that… lol. Thanks for stopping by, again! Always enjoy your comments :)


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