When your friends go; “I saw this item and thought of you”

My friends crack me up. As they follow my journey to shop local they find themselves being super excited over the most random things they find and buy for their kids, that are made right here (or there if they are there) and they have to tell me! Immediately. This leads to me receiving the weirdest pictures EVER in texts. And yes, sometimes I have to text them back on not only say “awesome, go you” but also “what is that?”

So I am blogging kids stuff, two posts in a row…. But hey, all for a good cause! Here’s a collection of some locally made stuff they’ve bought. Read on for explanations of these cryptic photos!


1. The Water Float. I suspect this picture was taken at Academy Sports when this mom of two was shopping for floats needed for the weekends at the grandparents’ lake house. I researched this company and all Lazy Bunz floats are made in USA – a great resource to keep in mind!

2. The SuperGate for Kids. This picture is actually clear! It’s a safety gate for kiddos, just in this case it’s actually for Buster, the dog. Easy enough, here is a link to this made right here product.


3.The Mysterious Spiderman. I got this picture and thought it was a toy of some kind. I asked this busy momma and she said it’s actually a kid’s toilet seat for potty-training! How cool; that it is made in USA! Here’s more info.

4. A Tag. Luckily, this picture was accompanied by an actual text. This is a twin mattress by Hampton and Rhodes. I tried to find out if ALL their mattresses are made in USA but I am not sure. Anyway, they are available at Mattress Firm so go there and check tags for yourself (if you need a mattress, that is!)

5. A cute paper bag on the side of a baby stroller. My sister sent me this from a shopping spree with her son in Europe (that’s where they live). That bag contains the cutest baby mittens from a German company called Macarons. All made in Germany and only available in Europe (shop local!). I am so impressed with their story and style; their webpage is full of inspiring kids and kids’ fashion you have to see!

You guys are awesome – go you! Thank you for letting me inspire your choices! Goes to show that made right (here) items can be found everywhere, all you have to do is look for them.

Keep the texts coming!

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