It’s an eco-conscious, shop local, online-edition-only type of Vogue

One cool thing about having a shopping blog is that, if you’re lucky and have awesome friends, sometimes you get to pretend you’re Vogue. Eco-conscious, shop local, online-edition-only type of Vogue.

Let me back up.

What do you do when you write a blog about shopping local, but haven’t bought anything in the last two months? What do you do when buying something for no other reason than to blog about it, would be a CRIME against your sustainable lifestyle?

I’ll tell you what  – you turn to your beautiful and stylish friend, raid her closet for made in USA styles and then go all vogue on her. Yes, ladies and gents, THAT’S what you do.

Mary Beth’s clothes both differ from, yet remind me of my own wardrobe. She is bolder than I when it comes to prints, jewelry and length of shorts (sorry MB, I had to!) but we share the same simple, practical and sustainable approach to shopping.

Turns out, she had so many good looking made in America brands and styles; I had to limit my selection! We met on a Monday and had a very Miranda Priestly run-thru type meeting. (“I don’t know which one to pick, they’re sooo different”.) We ended up with five gorge outfits, representing different companies, looks and seasons. Lots of denim, of course, America’s favorite fabric.

On left, the tag we’re going for and fall colors on the right

Now, a week later, we just finished the photo shoot and I am so excited!! It has been raining and storming for the last couple of days but this morning the sun decided to come back and warm our backs and hearts (with all that’s going on in the world right now, we needed it).  Ashley (my photographer friend) rocked taking the photos, like always, and I got to stand behind the camera for once. I must say I have a talent for holding the reflector (yeah right!). I couldn’t have asked for a more gracious and lovely model than Mary Beth! I can’t wait to see the finished “roll” of film.

My blogging schedule is full for the rest of the year with holiday posts and other goodies, but come January I’ll be starting a multiple-post fashion series promoting the American made brands Mary Beth wore in the shoot. NEW year – NEW face in the Lookbook (yes!) so stay tuned!

Here’s a sneak peek and some behind the scenes action pictures from the photo shoot – I feel so inspired to write all of this up!

Apparently we all think that ducks are interesting. Their visit totally paused the shoot!
Editor in Chief Anna (that's me) ready to get to work, on left. On right, photo session in action!
Editor in Chief Anna (that’s me) ready to get to work, on left. On right, photo session in action!

4 thoughts on “It’s an eco-conscious, shop local, online-edition-only type of Vogue

  1. I’m very curious about the photos! Your writing has stuck in my mind since I started reading your blog! I’m an old dog so it takes time but I now think twice before purchasing and I have reduced my shopping! And am encouraged to shop more local! Small steps!


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