Style of the day: Just a little bit bossy

Before I went on the not made in China challenge, I had never bought a statement t-shirt. The shops I used to like and shop at never really had any cool ones, and I’ve never been the type to buy a random “Just do it” or “L’amour” style print. Where’s the statement in that?

Thanks to the challenge, I have broadened my horizon when it comes to clothes and shopping, and I have actually just bought my second statement tee. This time it’s right on the mark.

Nailed the posing again. Obviously.

It’s simple; I’m not bossy,  I am the boss. It is true that I do have two direct-reports at work, but that is not the kind of boss I’m talking about. I am the boss of so many things, just like most people. I’m the boss of my opinions, my style, my actions and my mood. I’m the boss of who I spend my time with, what I say, what I eat, what I trash, what I buy and what kind of people and businesses I support. AND I am the boss of my blog!

This cute one was printed in Washington State by Aleah Shop on a t-shirt made by Bella + Canvas, based in California (more west coast stuff!).

Before I bought this 20 dollar shirt, I emailed Aleah Shop and asked where the actual t-shirt was manufactured, hoping they wouldn’t reply “China”. Within an hour they got back with me and said: “Made in USA”. Grand!

Well, it was, until I got the t-shirt and the tag said “Made in Kenya”. I have nothing against Kenya, per say, but it wasn’t what I expected to see, and as you know, tags don’t lie (ok, sometimes they do, but that’s only when it’s in their favor to lie, like saying”Made in USA” when it’s not).

I decided to get back with Aleah Shop to let them know that the tee was in fact very imported. They replied to my email almost immediately, mortified, apologized many times and told me that in no way had they wanted to mislead me. Apparently the boxes they receive from Bella + Canvas with blank tees inside, say “Made in USA” on the box, and I guess they never noticed the actual tags…

Looking through the Bella + Canvas website; they do mention international locations along with their LA facility. A statement from that site says: “Kind tees are our kind of tees. Bella + Canvas has been manufacturing in the U.S. and internationally in a no-sweatshop, humane, sustainable way since day one. Doing things the right way has never been up for debate.”  They guarantee a 100% sweat-shop free tee, and say they make millions of shirts in the USA every year. I must admit, they sound like the kind of company I would support and promote, but stretching the truth with “Made in USA” labels on boxes is not cool. Period. And that’s not me being bossy.

Anyway. This t-shirt fits like a dream, feels amazing and looks so awesome. (My friend said it was cute, but I think it’s cool.) I am not sending it back – not over Kenya.

A more stylish one (?) of me in the new tee & an old trench coat I love.
A more stylish one (?) of me in the new tee & an old trench coat I love.

Aleah Shop has lots of other cute prints, like “Mom Life”, “Thankful” and “Girl Boss”to name a few, as well as coffee mugs with statements. Their customer service proved to be quite remarkable, obviously, talking to me A LOT about “all them tags”… So go check them out on Etsy (by clicking here) and support this small business!

 [Details in LookBook] (Photo credits: Shutterluv by Ashley.)

4 thoughts on “Style of the day: Just a little bit bossy

  1. It looks very nice on you! 👍 And the message is very fitting!

    What’s the material? Do you research one step further back? How the material was “made”? Interesting also I think. I seem to have heard a lot about bad conditions at cotton plantations but I haven’t looked further into it. Maybe something I’ll read about in you blog soon..? (and lazy me don’t have to do the digging) ;) which material should we choose?


    1. Hi Linda! It’s cotton, polyester and rayon. Typical components for a tight fitting tee.
      It is virtually impossible to find the source of the rawmaterial!! That said, made in USA if without the “from foreign components” should be made of American materials.
      Yes, horrible conditions for people mostly due to western corruption and the pesticides the big chemical companies have “pushed” onto cotton farmers all over the world. Organic cotton is good! Made in USA organic – Extremely hard to find.
      The very best material according to sustainability experts is hemp. You can google that for more info, but let’s be honest, when have anyone ever walked in to a store and seen a stylish hemp dress…. ? Right?
      All materials basically has a negative impact one way or another, so I awareness and reduced consumption is a great start!
      So, in short, hemp, organic cotton, locally made, pre-owned. :)


  2. Great reading! I am quite curious to hear your thoughts and maybe an analysis on eco clothing from Asia, especially China. Does it even exist? How does it compare to non-eco clothes that has been created locally, in the US for example? 😘


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