2 years on the challenge: Not made in China GURU – c’est moi!

2015 has been an amazing year! Not because anything particularly amazing has happened, on the contrary, but I have learned so much this year; by dealing with life’s ups and downs, making mistakes and frankly by researching a hell of a lot, looking for answers and watching documentaries.

2014 was all about “surviving” this challenge of mine, just avoiding the made in China traps and looking long and hard at what I actually needed to buy vs. what I wanted to buy. 2015, on the other hand, has taken me and the challenge so much further, turning me into a shop local champ and close to living somewhat sustainably (still have a long way to go!). Shopping not made in China is actually easy now!

During the entire year of 2015, I have participated in buying only these (very) few items made in China:

  1. Plastic frames for prescription eye-glasses for my husband (one pair of sunglasses, one regular pair)
  2. Two pairs of foot-friendly Merrell sneakers for my husband.

Isn’t that an amazingly short list?! Hurray! Glasses and footwear are two of few items, I consider “need to have” so I don’t feel too bad about my felonies! About the sneakers, he got two pairs from China and I got three pairs from Vietnam… so we both went sweatshop there. Anyone else come close to that low number? Take a look around your home, just for fun, to see where your new purchases were made!

I’ve had a lot of people read my blog this year, mostly because I have shared it on social media and people with curious minds have clicked my links. Nothing is more awesome than having someone say “You have made me think of that” or “Because of you I did this”. It means so much to me. I believe that most people want to do right, by each other and by the planet; they just don’t have the simple tools or the knowledge to do so – yet. I am really just trying to inspire while I’m constantly learning more!

2015 lookback

There was a time when mankind thought the earth was flat. There was a time when some people said Climate Change wasn’t due to human actions. Wait, oops, that’s now…

So that said, here’s a list of a few easy eco-changes I’ve made this year in addition to shopping made right (here):

  1. I’m now pretty much vegetarian (but I’m not putting a label on it). I made this change in order to save water, CO2, methane emissions, forests, and energy. Basically save the planet! (Yes, I saw the Cowspiracy movie!)
  2. Our household now has 10% solar & 90% wind powered electricity. Finally found a provider serving our area offering only renewable energy! Whooo!
  3. Cut my hair to shoulder length! I’d like to think I did it to save water, shampoo, and products, but I did it to look cute. Still, the savings are a bonus :)
  4. Stopped using my trashcan at work. I noticed the cleaning crew changed the bag every day, even if there was just a tiny thing in it. Now I walk 20 steps to the kitchen. Exercise! And that is 240 plastic bags saved, per year, for ONE person.

It’s 2016! I will keep blogging, keep bugging you all (yay) and keep my optimism and passion for the environment because I believe passion is contagious!

Remember; The Not Made in China Challenge is not just about China. It’s about knowing where your possessions came from, how they were made and how they affect our planet. We all need to process that knowledge and take it seriously. What you choose to buy or not to buy is your vote and your impact on the world market.

This is the NOT MADE IN CHINA CHALLENGE 2016! I am psyched for this year – is this the year I will have ZERO items on my China-felonies count?

Thanks for reading! Come back and visit :)

8 thoughts on “2 years on the challenge: Not made in China GURU – c’est moi!

  1. Very impressive! And inspiring!
    Maybe just don’t buy anything for K in 2016 since those were your fellonies 😆 Xx keep up the good work and blogging!


  2. Congrats on a very successful 2015 and best of luck for 2016! I do too believe it will be a remarkable year for so many reasons.
    A while ago two old ladies rang on my doorbell. Their opening pitch was “isn’t the world an aweful place?”. “Hell to the no” i said and i feel that more strongly for every day. There are of course bad things happening in the world but A LOT of good stuff too! Noone is better at explaining that than hans rosling so i will not even try :)
    And something fun i just remembered now is that the two old ladies tried to give me a bunch of leaflets, like explaining how it all started and of course i said “no thank you, i find my info online”… :) Saving paper, right? ;)
    Last but not least, you are right! Passion and positive thinking is contagious and you have a lot of it which is why i love you my dear old friend! Xxx


    1. You are so right Sandra! So many ideas taking root for positive change right now I think!! Doom and gloom never inspired anyone… How awesome is that reply?! “Hell to the no”. I might use that one too, if I have the opportunity ;)
      Thanks for your support this year, it has been so wonderful to have your comments and interactions! Love you too dear! Xoxo


  3. You have done a great job, in not buying things from China. I try my best, many times I go without when something is made in China, but sometimes there are no other choices. Now if there is time to find something somewhere else I will do it. Like I couldn’t find a certain gauge certain length extension cord, so I went on-line and purchased one made in the USA. Sometimes it takes effort. Jack A


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