Challenge 1.1: 12 pieces – 12 months!

It’s already February (time flies!) and it feels almost like cheating now that the not made in China challenge is so easy. I decided that it’s time to ramp up and add another challenge to my journey towards sustainable shopping!

For 2016 I’ve decided to only buy a maximum of one new item per month for myself! By item I mean something “nice to have” like clothes, shoes, bling, bags, scarfs. Not included are beauty products, food, drinks, any items needed in a natural disaster, if my pants rip while on a business trip and I need new ones, and such unfortunate circumstances resulting in shopping.

I have seen eco-people on Instagram announce their “only second hand shopping all year” and “no clothes for 6 months” challenges (y’all are awesome!) and I was playing with the idea of doing a no shopping year, but I don’t think I really want that. When I find a cool brand that fits my bill, it actually brings me great joy to support it – and then blog! (Second-hand shopping will be my loop-hole; see, this challenge might help me get better at thrifting.)

For the “12 pieces – 12 months challenge” the following are my goals, or rules if you will:

1. First, I want to only shop from local businesses, small brands and mom and pop shops. That can be online or resale, any type of store where my money gets pumped straight into someone’s small business, not into a corporate mega-giant’s bank account. (No more Nordstrom Rack for me.)

2. Only support brands with a proper environmental policy. Are they doing something I admire? Are they handling waste, dyes, materials and energy properly?

3. Of course only shop ethical, fair-trade, non sweat-shop items.

4. Made in USA!! Thats always on the list. We do have a Europe trip planned, in which I will opt for made in Europe, naturally, if we go shopping. (Maybe some organic Nudie Jeans for me and hubs?)

5. Look for organic cotton, recycled materials, plant based dyes, zero waste manufacturing processes. You know that little extra eco-awareness.

So far I am on track with only one purchase so far (January – check) which I will blog next week!

This is the not made in China challenge version 1.1. Hopefully no bugs will need correcting in a 1.2 version.

What’s your challenges and goals for the year of 2016? Are you making changes to your shopping and living habits? Tell me!

2 thoughts on “Challenge 1.1: 12 pieces – 12 months!

  1. And love this post as well! I planned on not buying anything this year (and haven’t bought anything material since summer 2015). This would have been really easy if I hadn’t realized my closet was full of plastic and become obsessed with having a more natural wardrobe…! So I am replacing some items (one in, one out) as I find them. *Other than that* I’m “not buying anything”!


    1. I love hearing about other people’s shopping-challenges! Sounds like a very healthy one you’ve decided on pursuing. Most of my wardrobe is washed a million times cotton, so not getting rid of anything at this point (and I wear it all)… just adding the best, new, I can find :)


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