Are you confusing “designed” with “made” again?

I’m pretty not-made-in-china-savvy by now. I can walk into Marshall’s and immediately spot a few items that may be made in USA. I can take one look at your shoes or purse, and know with 100% certainty, that the tag says “made in China”. That skill comes from checking a gazillion tags and getting to know the market over these past two years on the challenge. Let me just say, it takes a lot to surprise me.

Now, imagine my surprise when we were installing our new Xfinity DVR box and the system’s information tab shouted: “Made with love in Philadelphia”. The word love replaced by a big red heart. Say what?! Comcast, are you telling me my DVR is made in USA?

Comcast are a bit sneaky, I think. It drives me crazy how they, a few times a year as they see fit, increase my monthly bill and I’m like “What just happened?”. I try to be good about calling them, and negotiating, but sometimes I just let it go, and let them have my extra 10 dollars a month. Last month, I did take the time to call and ended up getting a better deal, which included a new DVR box and HBO for a few bucks more a month.

So awesome.

Knowing their sneaky-ness and based on my surprise reaction about their “Philadelphia statement” and the fact that I couldn’t find a tag or origin on the actual hardware itself, I decided to investigate to see if anything on this world wide web of ours could convince me that the box was indeed made right here.

No. It’s not. The technology inside, the apps, the tabs, and the systems are designed and developed here. That’s not the same thing. Employing engineers, designers, IT experts and all sorts of office workers domestically is great, and I respect that, but that does not mean that the box is made in USA.

Made in USA means that the product, what I am touching, wearing, using, moving, installing, enjoying, loving, handling, cleaning, caring for, is made here, by local hands. In manufacturing facilities; that’s where things are “made”.

Xfinity’s DVR box is not made here, so that is false advertising.

Comcast is the only option for cable in our region, we have HBO for the first time in our lives (that’s pretty exciting!) so I won’t be buying a “dish” of any sorts, anytime soon.  I like the fact that we rent all the equipment instead of having to buy it too, that alone allows me to be a bit more relaxed about where the hardware is actually made.

At the end of the day, I’m not surprised that the “made in Philadelphia” surprise was a bit of a scam; I already knew they were sneaky. But, I’ll admit, I felt hopeful when I first read it – could it be? If that kind of device, or gadget, had actually been made stateside, it would have represented a local manufacturing revolution!

Do you own any household electronics made in USA? Please share!

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