Two years of blogging and the best stuff of made right (here)

Woo! 2 years ago I started this blog with a few trembling words and a commitment in my heart to change my shopping habits and inspire America to do the same. (Yep, I aim high.)

I am celebrating my blogging fun with a list of the five most loved, awesome or unexpected items I have bought since the challenge started. All made right here of course! If it wasn’t for the restrictions I set for myself back in 2014, I may never have gone looking and found these brands.

1. Best all-around purchase
Wow, have we saved a lot of styrofoam, plastics and paper cups from hitting landfills this past year! #loveyou. My made in USA Life Factory glass bottle is my trusty companion and partner in reduce waste crime. Of course I’ve had reusable bottles before but non as handy as this one. “How often do you wash that thing?” I was once asked after countless lunches with my colleagues. That’s between me and my bottle.

Just hanging on the couch
Just hanging on the couch

2. Best baby item
The award for best toy or kids item must go to the recycling truck from Green Toys Inc. Safe, BPA-free, made of recycled milk jugs, packaged in un-bleached carton without plastic and made right here. I think it is so wonderful that someone is producing responsibly-made plastic toys, since plastic seems to be very popular in the kiddos’ first years of playing and chewing. They have so many items – trucks, buckets, bath toys, kitchen sets, teethers – anything your kid will need, reasonably priced and often on sale on Amazon.

My little nephew loved his recycling truck
My little nephew loved his recycling truck

3. Best life changing product
I might have found this brand even if I wasn’t on the challenge, but it has changed my skin and therefore changed my life. Skin Ceuticals are made in USA and cost a fortune. I pay a whopping 250 dollars every 4-5 months for my correct and prevent regime. And yes, I am probably overdosing on these acids but it’s working and I’m worth it! I’ll take “acid-addict” over blemishes and lines any day.

Miracle workers.
Miracle workers.

4. Best surprise
Did you know that the Home Depot has screws and bolts made in USA & Germany now? Spax is the brand and this was the biggest (best) surprise I got last year. I always randomly check tags at the Home Depot and finally there’s hardware not made in China (or Taiwan). My hubs says they’re great, and as he makes up for what I lack in the DIY department, I need to take his word for it.

So awesome!
So awesome!

5. Best break-the-rules impulse item
You know I hardly ever buy anything big-brand leather, and I stay away from “want to haves”, but this Tory Burch leather gold emblem bangle has proven more than worthy of an exception. I wear this made in USA bling at least twice a week. It just goes with everything I own!! If you want one, don’t get it online though, few bracelets are actually USA made and they all sort of look alike. I got this one at the Tory Burch outlet for about 60 dollars.

Made in USA bling
Made in USA bling

When you shop as few and carefully chosen items as I do, all things become more valuable, memorable and special. I truly recommend a shopping-challenge to anyone wanting a more grateful attitude in life :)

Read my very first post here.

12 thoughts on “Two years of blogging and the best stuff of made right (here)

  1. Very impressive that you have kept the blog going and growing! I was just thinking that Maximilian was only a couple of weeks old when you started! Now he is already 2!
    Aside from the obvious cause of the blog I’m also impressed by that you keep finding new, interesting, inspiring topics to blog about, and the fact that I haven’t found one spelling or grammar mistake in the two years. Which for me is also very impressive! :) overall, well done! Keep blogging! Lots of followers appreciate your work! 😘


    1. Thank you Linda! That is amazing to hear that it’s appreciated :) Yay!
      And no mistakes found yet… that proves my re-reading is working. I did publish an “it’s” that should have been an “its” once and corrected it at the speed of light!!
      I’ve got lots of cool stuff coming up, among others; your t-shirt :)


  2. I’m all for buying USA made, that’s the way it should be & I support it 100%! I hate having to buy things ‘made in China’ but some things you need right away, even tho I’m disgusted with supporting their economy and not my own. I wanted to also comment on #5 – What are your overall thoughts on leather? I’m against it for ethical and environmental reasons, however I know that pleather is not eco-friendly either, but alas their is no animal suffering, so man-made materials, pvc, polyurethane is my preference, depending on the type of item. It’s interesting, when I got involved in AR issues I gave up wearing leather, suede, wool, silk and down, you know anything derived from animals..before I became vegetarian. For many, it’s usually vice-versa, if at all.


    1. I have a few leather items; a few pairs of shoes and the seats of my car are leather. I don’t often find myself in a situation where I need to pick between leather or manmade pleather to be honest, I guess I try to stay away from both. Whenever I do buy leather it has to be made in USA though. I wrote bit about it in a post too:

      My whole take on shopping is to buy as few items as possible. For me, sometimes leather happens, sometimes plastics happen, even though I try to buy eco-friendly materials. At least leather lasts so if it’s something I know I’ll keep for a long time, I’m ok with it. I am not vegan, I’m and eco-eater as I call it. Absolutely no beef, no dairy, rarely meat and eggs, mostly organics and 99% plant based.

      What items is it you need right away? That just got me curious :) I have a hard time understanding what it is people need asap, so I’d like to get smarter! Thanks for a good comment :)

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      1. One thing that comes to mind is last week my drying rack broke & had to buy another, so went to Walmart just across the way & picked up one. Other than Walmart & I guess Bed, Bath & Beyond I’m not sure where else I could get one & at a reasonable price? So I paid about $10 for just a basic option that turned out to be better quality than I thought.


        1. That’s actually a great example! Ha! Thanks for sharing. I don’t even know where mine is made we got it at IKEA, and we’ve had it for so long. Saving dryer time should definitely compensate for an imported rack :)


        1. Oh, I definitely agree with that. Vegan is the best way!! Switching beef for chicken is not solving anything, and we shouldn’t encourage America to think that. For me, I’d rather be 99% plants and rocking it than 100% and failing. I do like eggs a lot. And honey. Dinner parties and business dinners at steak houses do happen as well, and I make the best choice I can in that situation without freaking out or having one piece of lettuce LOL (this is Texas!). Not sure where I’ll be in the future.
          I’ll follow your blog too :)


          1. Do you know about Tropical Smoothie Cafe? Not only do they have killer smoothies, they also have Beyond Meat chick’n strips..delish on the chipotle flatbread! Highly recommend if you get the chance. Thx for the follow back, hope you find some useful info! :)


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