How many cows in one burger patty? How many barrels of oil does one EV save? What is FRACKING? (Watch a video and find out)

Ok, this is a cheat post from “Anna the writer”, as this post will have very few words. I just have to share some amazing videos with you that, personally, I can watch over and over.

Yes, they’re all about the environment and our future, so naturally I am super interested. But they are also super easy to watch – good animation does that to a video.

The first one contemplates this: what happens when electrical cars become mainstream? Can the oil industry ever bounce back from a crash created by pure lack of demand? How many barrels of oil per year does one electrical car replace? Hint; it’s more than 10.

The second one is all about them burgers and those sad feedlots. But this video is actually kind of cute, awesome and very informative. Did you know that eating corn makes the cows fart and burp MORE than they do eating grass? And how many different cows are mixed into one hamburger patty? Many more than you think. (Gross.)

The third one, I’ve watched so many times; it’s about fracking. As the people in Porter Ranch, California have left their homes due to the health risks associated with the largest methane leak in history, the energy companies keep doing this, and call it “50% cleaner energy”. Have a watch, there ain’t nothing clean about it. (And only one berning presidential candidate wants to stop it…)

It’s amazing what you can learn from three five-minute animated videos! If only more people would actually listen to the messages. (Be honest; did you watch them?)

Three videos, three important things we need to do to keep planet earth healthy:

  1. Drive electrical cars
  2. Reduce beef and dairy consumption drastically
  3. Stop using fossil fuels for energy*

I’m in – are you?

*Start today by switching to a 100% renewable energy provider, like Green Mountain Energy

3 thoughts on “How many cows in one burger patty? How many barrels of oil does one EV save? What is FRACKING? (Watch a video and find out)

  1. Very informative! Thanks for sharing. Had no idea the impact was that big! And cows farting – I laughed at before. That it has that effect on the environment was really new to me :( A cow seems much ‘cleaner’ than a car… I also like the approach in the cow clip that you don’t have to go completely vegan, that small changes matter when we all engage in them!

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    1. I’m glad you watched :) I find it hard to justify beef-eating though, knowing how much it hurts the planet. If we can save millions of gases by not having a third burger – why not be a total hero and cut out all three? There’s so much other yummy food to eat :) But I agree, small steps become larger over time. To encourage people to make just small changes that are not so overwhelming, probably leads to more successful change than simply saying “STOP eating cows now”.


      1. Prohibitions are in most cases not successful over time. Small steps. One good thing leads too another. And there is a reason that many of those beef burgers are consumed! They are tasty!! :)


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