An update on my shopping challenge!

Tomorrow is officially the last day of April and with that, I have completed one third of my “12 pieces – 12 months” challenge. I figured it is about time that I share an update on how it is going!

You know, I decided back in January to buy a maximum of one new item for myself per month for the entire year of 2016, in order to reduce my consumption and live more sustainably. So far, I am on track AND I’ve acquired some amazing new things!


In January, I bought a made in USA tote bag from a small business, Seltzer Goods, for $24. I’ve used it a lot – it’s so cute and lightweight! Currently it’s in the laundry bin.

In February, I finally found, and purchased, reusable, organic, made in USA cotton rounds from Skin Deep Naturals. They set me back $12. I use them every night. Great purchase. Go me.

In March, I ruined my Oka-B shoes (booo), and decided to up-cycle them so I could keep wearing them, but Oka-B stuck with their (super generous) warranty and sent me a replacement pair! So even though I bought ABSOLUTELY nothing in March, I still got a new pair of made in Georgia, recyclable, zero waste, vegan shoes.

In April, I have been all about “in with the old”! My mom took in an old pair of jeans for me (that I now wear all the time, and blogged about this past Monday) and I found some cool items at the resale shops in my neighborhood (including the black top I wore in the jeans pictures). So, yes, April was another month when I bought nothing new, but still got myself some really cute things! I will blog about the rest of my April thrift-treasures next week.

Pretty good right?

When it’s all about reinventing what’s in your closet, you become more thankful for and aware of all the amazing things you’ve already got. I  truly believe happiness comes from thankfulness (in all aspects of life).

And, I must say, I’ve become more creative too! I’ve come up with so many new outfits  this year, combining old goodies (sometimes forgotten ones) with all the awesome made right (here) clothes I got last year.

Eight more months to go! I know I’ll keep rocking it. Not shopping is liberating.

How are you challenging your old shopping habits?

12 thoughts on “An update on my shopping challenge!

  1. Good for you! Many years ago, before my zero waste journey started, I worked in a mall and developed a horrible shopping habit. I bought so many clothes and shoes on a regular basis. When I finally moved out of the city and changed my life, I gave all my stuff away (and I can barely remember more than five of those pieces; must have not meant that much). Now I don’t even like shopping and only buy what I really need. I’ve also gotten more into fixing clothes, like straps or little holes. I am much happier with my wardrobe now!


    1. I used think that a shopping trip where I found NOTHING was a sad and unsuccessful one (when really it meant I didn’t need anything!) so I’d buy half-good things just because. That always made me sad in the end. I am soo much happier now too, and when I get that “itch” I browse resale only. I don’t even enter a “normal” store anymore!


      1. I find them too overwhelming anyway, especially stores like H&M and Forever 21. There are just SO many items (half of them lying on the floor..), and even if I find myself in one of those stores nowadays (usually sister-led) when there are thousands of items in front of you, I find nothing. Everything looks the same! And nothing is special or unique. And of course there is the whole issue of big clothing companies using cheap labour with horrendous working conditions. That is an endless rant, yes?


        1. Lol! Sure is. H&M and Forever 21 is OUT for exactly all the reasons you say. I rant about H&M the most, just cause they like to pretend they “care” with eco-collections, recycling program… Snooze! Less is more indeed. I wish more people would realize it :)

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          1. Ah, of course they do that, as a cover up for the real problems. “Look at all the GOOD we’re doing (while we’re secretly doing a ton of bad stuff, but – SQUIRREL!).” Kind of like Coca-Cola starting up these “awesome” water projects to cover up the fact they buy out water springs in third world countries and then either do not allow the local people access to said water, or they charge a ludicrous amount for it that they can’t afford anyway. That’s another never-ending rant. The point is… I liked your post. Ha :)


  2. Great challenge. I am still catching up on blogs. How did I miss this challenge? Now that we are moved in to the house, I am streamlining my clothes. Want things I love, that work with other things I love and will last. And not be made by toddlers too would be a big plus. 😉


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