With the right Attitude (shampoo), I can go days

Days without washing my hair that is. Let me elaborate on this.

You know I don’t often blog about beauty products, since I am not very savvy in that department, however when I see and try something great and eco-friendly that I am super impressed with, of course y’all have got to know about it too.


So let’s talk about Attitude shampoo. I got it at Target, randomly, and it had me hooked immediately because it smells lovely AND my hair stays beautiful and fresh super long. How does washing it every four days sound? Yep. Four!

This is amazing to me because I have a lot of hair and it takes buckets of water and time to wash and rinse it; the fewer times a week I have to do it the better. Imagine the water savings! Because my hair stays clean so long, going through a bottle of shampoo takes quite a while too as you can imagine. Even though the bottle is made of HDPE #2 plastic, the easiest type to recycle, the fewer plastic bottles I use in a year the happier I am. Why? Well, “recycling” plastic actually means “down cycling” as the recycled plastic will become a lower grade product each time it’s recycled and eventually become useless. That’s why we should all avoid plastic products, even if we “recycle” them. (Yes, I’ve tried lots of plastic-free shampoos over the years, but nothing has worked like I want it to. I like shiny hair ;))

Made in Canada, Attitude Living’s shampoo has lots of eco benefits that I appreciate. Like the fact that it is made using 100% renewable energy, just like all Attitude products, and the company carbon compensates for their emissions by planting trees.

And that all ingredients are mineral- and/or plant-based, meaning completely vegan, worry free, natural and super safe. All products are hypo allergenic too. Cancer and rashes stay away!

I’ve only tried the volume and shine shampoo so far ($10) but I am definitely interested in trying more of their products. They’ve got cleaners, body washes, baby bath products, diapers made from cellulose, dishwasher pouches and more.

I love it when I find safe products in common places, like Target. It’s convenient, and important, to not have to buy everything eco-friendly online. I sure hope Target will offer more items from the Attitude product line in stores soon, just like they got the full line from the Honest company.

For now, at least my hair’s got the right attitude; shiny, eco and clean (I’m on day three ;)).

3 thoughts on “With the right Attitude (shampoo), I can go days

  1. I also suffer from an abundance of hair & washing it is a pain. I will definitely be looking for this the next time I’m at Target! I think about this kind of stuff while I’m in the shower all the time, staring all the plastic bottles in the face. I recently realized that since I switched to the Method brand foaming body wash several MONTHS ago, I have not had to buy a new bottle!


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