Not made in China challenge just got serious (an announcement!)

The majority of people that tell me that they could never do a “Not Made in China Challenge” are mothers. Their kids grow like weeds and need lots of clothes and it’s impossible to not get them things (toys, gear, shoes) made in China.

Here’s the thing though. A not made in China Challenge with a zero tolerance for Chinese-made goods is impossible for all people who live in a western, digital world. Yes, one can make it a year or two with zero purchases (just look at me!) but there will come a time when a new security camera, phone, kitchen appliance, extension cord or computer is “needed” and one has to accept a sweatshop-made, imported product.

But when it comes to the mamas, I can’t help but think that if they really wanted to, they could do it. Minus the electronics mentioned above of course. Couldn’t they shop second hand? Couldn’t they just not shop SO much?

Interestingly enough, I am about to find out for myself.

I’m about to find out if the Not Made in China Challenge is indeed IMPOSSIBLE with a kid or if it’s just a matter of priorities. Being a natural born skeptic who tends to “always be right”, I can’t wait to find out what the deal is (and prove y’all wrong! Ha!).

I do foresee remote controlled cars and Legos in our future though, items made partly (or fully) in China. But apart from those two things, why wouldn’t I be able to make this work? I am super motivated!

That said, I have NO idea where baby things are made, so I may be in for a rude awakening.

Yes, this is probably the weirdest pregnancy announcement you’ll read this week! But I am excited to finally share the news of our new family member coming this spring. There’ll undoubtedly be some maternity wear on the blog, as well as more things “baby” (though I’ll be careful not to bore you!). Hopefully I’ll get to expand my list of kids gear and fashions too, with lots of cool, ethical, eco-friendly, made in USA brands.

I’m ending with a picture of me and the invisible little one (minus cheesy baby balloons) to really nail this announcement thing.


21 thoughts on “Not made in China challenge just got serious (an announcement!)

  1. You look very zen! :) I’m so happy for you! ❤️
    Well, I have two little ones and to be honest, far most of their clothes (even the Burberry cardigan..) are made in China. So are their toys. Shame on me. I blame the fact that I have very little time to shop and a quite difficult commute to the center (1,5 hours one way, in a taxi since we only have one car in the family which my husband uses for work) of Moscow where there are a few organic, European made, horribly overprice kids clothing boutiques. I can afford it if I make it a priority. But honestly, again, I don’t. Most kids clothes get ruined (by food, paint, scissors etc) or outgrown sooo fast I simply won’t spend 50 USD (and 3 hours in a cab) on a children’s t-shirt! And buying online could be an option if I would master the Russian language slightly better.
    So, many excuses! I do feel bad when I shop though, but that might not make any bigger difference other that I try to keep it to a minimum.
    At least the little one inherits all clothes that survived his brother’s wear and tear. And then they will be passed on to their new little cousin!
    And I try to keep toys to a minimum. That’s the most common gift for kids anyway so I let someone else take the blame for those items ;)
    I applaud you for continuing your challenge and sincerily wish you luck and energy to keep it up!


    1. Anna, kæmpe tillykke med babyen og udfordringen. Bare rolig, i USA er der et kæmpe udvalg for tøj m.m. Men udstyr er sværere.

      Du har helt ret. Ofte er mange ting for mommy-to-be’s skyld, så hun føler hun er klar… Dog sjældent har baby brug for de ting – det er i hvert fald den filosofi vi kører efter :) så håber jeg det er rigtigt til den tid, haha!


      1. Hej Ima! Vidste slet ikke du var gravid (eller fået en lille en?!). Men YES jeg tror du har ret. Det er 100% den bane vi kør på også :) Måske bliver han ikke den mest trendy lille dreng men det skal nok gå hva! Udstyr – second hand all the way. (undtagen seng/madrass som jeg så gerne vil have ny)


        1. vi har heller ikke annonceret det :) Vi skal have en dreng slut Februar.

          Vi er på samme hold, så meget second hand som muligt. Jeg tænker at baby er ret ligeglad, så længe han er tryg :)

          KÆMPE tillykke igen, glæder mig til at følge dit forløb.


    2. Hi Linda! Well, the fact that you know all your excuses says a lot about you and your shopping intentions! Being aware is always the biggest step. It tells me that you want to buy the right products and when faced with a choice of a European, eco-friendly (ok priced!) item vs. a sweatshop-made import, you’ll always choose the former! :)
      Online might be tricky for you, I see that, it would be hard to know where items are made anyway, and also to know where they’re shipping from! I’ll try to stay offline for the little one too. He won’t be as picky as me (for a while).
      As for me (and people in my region) I have no excuses. There are second-hand baby stores all over, literally there is one across the street from the office building where I work! Also, friends and family (you included :)) seem excited to pass things down to me or lend me things :) We do make LOTS of things in USA that I will try to look for of course. But who knows what and when I’ll be in a bind. That’ll make for some good blog posts at least…
      As for what other people buy us and give us… I’ll just have to try to adjust and accept it? I know you struggled with the idea of overflowing toys and crap (one in one out principle ;)) from others, so I might need to discuss with you on how to get over that part!! <3


  2. Congratulations!! I recently had a talk with an expecting mother about her plan to use cloth diapers and it got me thinking about my own future choices… interested to learn more about your experience with everything as you go through your journey!


    1. Thank you! I definitely want to cloth diaper as much as possible! A few of my friends did it partly, so I’ll ask them and also reach out to the zero waste community to see what tips they have. I’m sure 100% cloth is very hard but the more the better I think :)

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  3. Congrats!! As a mama myself, I never really put much thought into wear her stuff came from, I shop clearance racks and second hand mostly.
    You say that ”But when it comes to the mamas, I can’t help but think that if they really wanted to, they could do it. Minus the electronics mentioned above of course. Couldn’t they shop second hand? Couldn’t they just not shop SO much?”

    Which I totally agree with, you can certainly cut back a lot of china made by shopping around, especially places like Etsy( 2 birds 1 stone kind of thing..not china+support small), but buying second hand in no way eliminates china-made. It does give the item a second, third, and maybe even fourth life though!!


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