2017 American-made style starts with a statement t-shirt

With a brand new year, full of hope and promises (right?), comes a brand new opportunity for everyone (you too!) to start shopping better.

More sustainable. More locally made. Less stuff. Better quality.

And with that said, time has come to promote some new Made in USA clothes and accessories here on the blog, just like I did last winter with my five-piece made in USA styles series. You may remember the discussions we had about polyester and imported fabrics, the gorgeous Texas-made knitted earrings, and that made in USA outfit we put together.

Since my baby bump is becoming more planet-like by the hour, thankfully, my dear friend Mary Beth agreed to model and contribute to the series once again. See, this lovely lady was so inspired by this little blog of mine that she decided last year that if the fashion isn’t made in USA, it simply isn’t worth buying. The result? She’s bought ONLY American-made clothes, bags, accessories and jewelry since her last appearance on the blog. Quite impressive, isn’t it?! Getting to inspire others is WHY I BLOG, so thanks MB!

Now, let’s get down to business and talk about the first American-made garment we picked for the blog – a statement tee from Good hYOUman.

Mary Beth in her “See you tomorrow” tee from Good hYOUman – Made in USA

I love that we’re starting with this brand because Mary Beth is such a good human.

This company, based out in LA (of course) is all about delivering high quality basics, giving back to the community and manufacturing ALL its products in the United States of America.

They’ve got tanks, tees, sweatshirts and sports bras for women; beanies, short- and long sleeved shirts for men and onesies and tops for the kiddos. Most tees are cotton/modal blends or 100% cotton which make for great eco-friendly picks. They do have some polyester mixes as well, but it’s all stated clearly on the website so you can easily manage your choice of fabric. Transparency is how we like it.

They can be found in smaller boutiques all over the USA (check out the store locator) and of course you can shop on online at GoodhYOUman.com – domestic shipping is free!


T-shirts sell for $40 to $48, and sweatshirts are in the $60 to $85 range.

Go check out Good hYOUman and come back and see us soon as I’ve got more Made in USA fashion posts coming! This is the first post in a four post series focusing on American-made style, all featuring the beautiful Mary Beth in her own locally made clothes, photographed in some neat Houston locations by our lovely friend Ashley.

2 thoughts on “2017 American-made style starts with a statement t-shirt

  1. Thanks for your thoughtful and challenging posts!
    I am just beginning to change my shopping habits, and I think I’m starting with one of the most challenging items first so I thought I’d ask your expertise. I NEED a new bra or two and I want to make a good purchasing choice! The trouble is, I’ve been struggling to find a company I feel good about buying from that also offers the style I want. I’m looking for a true bra with structure and an underwire, padded or preferably a push up style (other styles don’t fit right my ribcage comfortably). I would also like to keep it around the $50 range for price if that’s possible.
    Any recommendations? Thanks!


    1. Hi Jenny! How exciting that you’re starting to change your shopping habits :) Yay.
      The first brand that comes to mind for bras is Hanky Panky. It’s made in USA and they do have the push-ups and nicer bras. I think they’re a bit above $50 but they do have sales online and occasionally I see them at Nordstrom Rack for much less. Naja.co is an ethical brand with underwire bras as well, same situation with pricing. Cosabella is made in Italy and they have lots of nice options, same situation with pricing, higher but they have sales :-) Good Luck!


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