30 SUPER SIMPLE eco-friendly ways to combat climate change (for the average Joe!)

Super storms Harvey and Irma have shook the nation. And with that, no one active on social media has been able to avoid articles about how climate change (in other words we) may have caused these storms.

Though we haven’t exactly caused them, the warmer water in the ocean – a result of man-made climate change – has made these storms stronger and bigger.

Some people pretend money is what is holding them back from living a greener life, however eco-bloggers have again and again proven that that is not a valid excuse. Others claim they  “don’t have the time to make an effort”. (I think what is really holding people back is they don’t want to make an effort, also known as laziness.)

A wise man once said it’s not about having time, it’s about taking time. And these resent storms may have changed people’s attitude a little, making this the time to start thinking about taking the time to kick start some new habits which prevent further climate change. We can’t take back the warming that’s already been done, but we can slow down. Hopefully setting our children up for a better starting point when they are ready to come up with awesome ways to carbon capture and make salt water into fresh water without using too much energy.

Now, without further ado,

Here are my 30 SUPER SIMPLE budget-friendly and time-friendly green habits!

1. Buy organic food when it’s sitting right in front of you at the grocery store.

2. Use reusable produce bags and check out bags (keep them in your car!).

3. Never bag produce that don’t need to be bagged – see this post for more tips.

4. REFUSE straws when you’re eating and drinking out – every time.

5. Buy recycled batteriestoilet paper, kitchen towels and trash bags.

6. Use bio-based, all natural washing liquid and dishwasher soap/detergent.

7. Switch your plastic bottled shower gel for bar soap.

8. Use cloth kitchen towels to clean messes as much as possible.

9. Switch ground beef for turkey or better yet pea protein for ALL ground beef recipes.

10. Switch beef burgers for delicious black bean burgers.

11. Order a proper amount of food at restaurants so you don’t need to-go boxes, yet don’t waste food.

12. Never get cheesecake to go.

13. Turn off the water when you brush your teeth, do dishes or wash your face.

14. Don’t buy clothes you don’t need (especially made in China). You do NOT need a new dress for every occasion. No one will remember what you wore.

15. Don’t buy home decorations you don’t need (especially made in China) including Christmas and Halloween junk.

16. Shop toys and baby items second hand. Babies and young kids don’t know where their things come from.

17. Buy eggs from locally pasture-raised hens (packed in cardboard not Styrofoam).

18. Vote for politicians who care about the environment and support a future based on only renewable energy.

19. Support an environmental charity via a monthly auto-draft. Most organizations let you start as low as $5 per month if funds are tight. Set it up once, then forget :)

20. Stop buying soda, reduce the amount you buy or get a soda stream to make your own.

21. Follow my blog and instagram @sustainableanna for more tips :)

22. Stop buying bottled water at the store for your family to just “drink at home”.

23. Order chicken or veggies instead of steak at restaurants.

24. Bring a reusable water bottle and/or coffee mug from home with you every day!

25. Wash and reuse aluminum foil. No reason not to!

26. Switch your dairy yoghurt for coconut yoghurt.

27. Recycle!

28. Skip one phone upgrade, for example go from the I-phone 5 straight to the 7.

29. Avoid buying, wearing and washing polyester clothing  (or get a fiber-catcher.)

30. Switch your make-up remover and body lotion (plastic bottles) to coconut oil (glass).

There are more things you can do, like go vegan, go zero waste, buy an electric car, stop travelling, bike more, get solar panels, yada, yada, yada. But today I am not asking you to change anything major in your life for the eco-cause. My goal is not to scare you off. That’s why I love that this list is about simplicity.

Doing (some of) these super simple, minimal effort things, actually mean you care about plastic free oceans, clean air, climate change and preventing future EVEN BIGGER storms.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming or hard! And you’ll feel great getting started :)

Harvey who?

15 thoughts on “30 SUPER SIMPLE eco-friendly ways to combat climate change (for the average Joe!)

  1. I am doing every one of these except biodegradable soap. Why is this important in a city with a sewer system? Biowaste is the primary pollutant by far, not antibacterial soap. Household cleaners are too diluted and nonreactive to cause environmental damage.


  2. Also remember coconut products, like the yoghurt link, come from Malaysia and support human rights violations. Any coconut products from Brazil or Indonesia destroy rainforest. Buy coconut products from Mexico, US, Thailand only.


  3. You are so right – for so any people it is about getting started. Taking that first step can feel so daunting but once taken the others follow much more easily. You will make mistakes along the way. You will take backwards steps but overall your life will be a better one for the planet we all live on. #WasteLessWednesday


  4. Oh and I meant to say that No 28 made me chuckle to myself. I still only own a Nokia that I have had for over 15 years. One phone. One battery. But two chargers as I left one at home when travelling once so a friend gave me her old one. That is A LOT of upgrades I have missed out on!!


  5. Hi Kathryn,
    So happy to discover your helpful, ecofriendly blog at the WasteLess Wednesday. I blog at UrbanNaturale.com and I heartily agree with your list of ways to combat climate change. I have been working on making my home and lifestyle as green and conscious as possible for years. I especially love your tips to vote for politicians who care about the environment and support a future based on only renewable energy and to support an environmental charity via a monthly auto-draft. Most organizations let you start as low as $5 per month if funds are tight. Set it up once, then forget We have to hold our politicians respsonsible for supporting environmentally-friendly legislation and support the organizations that are raising awareness and pushing for eco-friendly legislation. At a time when environmental regulations are being overturned, this is critical. We need to raise our voices to support the earth. I’m pinning and sharing this post.


    1. Hi Deborah,
      My name is Anna though ;) (Maybe you were thinking of the awesome Kathryn Kellogg of Going Zero Waste.)
      Thanks for reading, sharing and loving the list! There are so many easy tasks we can do and habits we can change.


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