Time to Detox and balance my life! (The green way)

Sometimes in life you just know you have to make a change. You can feel it and see the signs.

That’s what happened almost four years ago when I decided to end my relationship with over consumption and start the Not Made in China Challenge. I was falling down the rabbit hole; starting to consume more than I ever had before I moved to the States.

Now, here I am again. Making changes. This time the “signs” that I must do so are on my face.

perioral dermatitis

After having a baby, breastfeeding and not eating near as well as I was before baby, my face decided to flaunt a bit of perioral dermatitis. This is a rash like skin condition around the month and nose, found mostly in women, and dermatologists are unsure why it happens. Beauty products too harsh for the skin, hormonal changes, allergy or acne medicines may be to blame. Either way, I don’t like looking “not good” and after trying a bunch of topical remedies (that didn’t work), I came to the conclusion that only way to help my body heal is to go vegan, clean and balanced. (And I must tell you that a dermatologist I went to see, immediately gave me antibiotics! All they want to do is sell medicines! I did not take it.)

Healing comes from within.

First, when it comes to eating plant-based food, that means ZERO cheating. No sprinkles of cheese. No “fine I’ll have the chicken rather than eating rabbit food”. No coffee and no alcohol either (that’s the detox part). I’ve been cooking up a storm these past two weeks (I’m sharing many of the dishes on my instagram account @sustainableanna if you want to see the yumminess!) and my skin is improving. Tuscon spicy lentil tacos anyone?

Second, clean means a vanity clean from junk. I spent last Saturday getting rid of everything toxic. Products containing parabens, SLS, alcohols and such. I’ve been using “mostly” clean products for a while so why keep the old nasties lying around disturbing my bathroom piece? I did get a kick out of how ridiculously few pieces of make-up I own (no need to toss anything!) though. Meredith Tested inspired me further when she published a new blog post on skin care, recommending simply washing my face with raw honey (I know, not vegan!) which is calming, soothing and tastes good. Love it. (Check out Meredith’s zero waste routine here.) I also added some beautiful, all natural, vegan, American-made, compostable products to my cabinet from Meow Meow Tweet.

Make up sustainable life
A pic of the make-up I own (except my mascara and eyeliner)

Third, a balanced life is a life with inner peace. Now, I’ve never been happier than I am right now with our little love-bug-baby, a safe home and a great work-life balance, but I needed to rid more toxins out of my life. Like what?

Like seeing stupid, dumb-ass posts on Facebook from below average IQ people. Facebook just HAD to go. I’ve been hesitant about deleting my profile for a while now, convincing myself I need it to “stay in touch with friends” and “promote my blog”. The truth is FB wasn’t driving very much traffic anyway and the people I really care about have my number. Off. It. Went. (I took the plunge and deleted the whole thing, deactivating it felt like Facebook still had some sort of hold on my personal information.)

Slowly, I am seeing my face clear up. It’s still red in areas and I still have my dermatitis but it’s moving in the right direction. It doesn’t hurt anymore. Though I am not ready for an “after picture” yet, I am feeling optimistic about this clearing for the first time in months (yes, months!) and really good inside. I lost almost all the baby weight I had left to lose in the last two weeks too. Bonus!

Why am I telling you all this?

Well, I want to promote a plant-based, healthy, toxic-free lifestyle.

It doesn’t only benefit us as humans but it helps the environment too. Go green!

AND I want to let you all know what I am up to. Making lifestyle changes takes a lot of time, time away from writing, blogging and sharing.

Are you making any lifestyle changes? Would love to hear your success stories!

12 thoughts on “Time to Detox and balance my life! (The green way)

  1. I’ll bet it feels great to kick off FB among your other efforts. I’ve been slowly making my way and topping the scales to cleaner eating and after 3 1/2 years, my diet is heavier in plant based and leaner a around. Over consumption is also a huge area of focus for me. I love “stuffs”. I love beautiful “stuffs”. Luxury! But keep it to a minimum. While not all of my items are “made here” your blog has deepened my dedication to asking “who/what/why” before I consume. I have criteria for myself and companies I purchasing from and do my best to stay the course. It’s so rewarding! Next, I have been purging. No longer will I be the caretaker for my beloved family collectibles, etc. If it.s can not be fully appreciated and in view, they must find another home. I replace them with one special collectible that I WILL use and it feels like a win-win. And face place. It’s got to go. I yield very little from it and cringe when I consider how much waste I’ve given it. Wasted time, energy, emotions. Information. Too much. This is not to say I haven’t had positives. But they are too few to justify the toxicity on the other side. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Enjoying your insight!


    1. This comment made my day!
      It sounds like you are on the right track to clean living in every way. I think purging part is so necessary. Storage units and closets full of stuff no one wants or needs and often forget about may be the best proof of a life not well lived. Storage units make me sad. I think my vanity was just one of those things for me, I had to purge! :) I’m planning a garage sale too in the spring to get rid of more things.

      I’ve had positives too at FB but like you say, not enough to justify the noise.

      It makes me so happy when I hear I have inspired someone to ask those questions. Who/what/why/where are so important. Thank you for telling me, that’s why I started my blog! :)


  2. My god, I’m impressed! Sounds like some big changes, but I guess you’ve been doing them gradually over a longer period of time? Is Klaus also doing the same changes? Seems like many men could never dream of going for an all plant-based diet.


    1. Hi Katta! Yes, I was eating mostly vegetarian food already and a lot vegan just not everything. Milk is just so toxic for good complexion I’ve known for a long time I was hurting myself by allowing it in my diet…
      FB I just quit Friday!
      Klaus is doing 8 weeks on a plant-based diet to see how he feels :) It’s not too hard for him when I do most of the cooking ;) And he knows how bad meat is for us so he’d like to not eat it (he’s not like most men lol) Long term I’d like to be vegan 99% and maybe eat an egg now and then!


  3. Inspirational. Although I’m nowhere near your ambition level your philosophy and direction affect me like a little snail on the eyeball (vill du ha en snigel på ögat) whenever I reach for a piece of red meat in the deli or buy something I’m not sure I really need. So, you have made an impact, even on old snails like myself. I keep finding excuses to justify my choices but I’m aware they are just that: excuses. Maybe a step in the right direction..? It’s not just the environment that’s saved with over consumption also the pocket book. 😘😘😘


    1. Linda! I don’t think you have to feel like you are progressing slowly – you are progressing! You wouldn’t believe the number of people who do nothing, think nothing, reflect nothing even though they are aware of the issues. You are doing great and your excuses will eventually annoy you so much that it’s easier to just skip the item :)
      Can’t wait to see you use your reusable veggie bags next year. Take a picture, post on insta and inspire your friends! If you inspire others your impact is all of a sudden huge even if you yourself don’t act “perfect” (no one does!!) Love you!


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