10 weeks on a plant based whole foods diet: Here’s my progress

A few weeks ago I told you all about my struggle with a skin rash on my face (Perioral Dermatitis, “PD”) and how I was in desperate need to heal my body.

I, as you know, decided to do that by:

  • Eating a 100% plant-based, whole foods (PBWF) diet
  • Remove all toxic skin and body care from my life
  • Stress less with no Facebook and less social media time

To give you an idea of what was going on, here is the picture evidence. Not very flattering, I know, and honestly just how bad my PD really was at its worst, can’t be illustrated by a picture. Sad times for a somewhat vain woman like me.

Perioral DermatitisThe PBWF Diet.

I decided to start with my diet since chances were (according to the internet) that my issues were gut related.

I started to eat super clean which meant my body finally got a chance to thrive all while making it possible to pin-point triggers and find out why I (probably) developed PD in the first place – at least based what my body was telling me. (I haven’t been to a doctor since the dermatologist tried to sell me antibiotics and diagnosed this as “rosacea” back in August).

In regards to triggers, unfortunately every bite of (vegan) bread has made my skin worse. It has also made my stomach ache i.e. I believe I have developed gluten sensitivity. I have heard about women developing all sorts of allergies after pregnancy so chances are, I am one of them. I love bread and cookies so this S U C K S for me.

Moving on.

Another trigger for PD may be hormone imbalance, which also makes a PBWF diet the sensible choice. Stop consuming the hormones of other beings so that your own hormones can adjust back to normal. This also applies to anyone struggling with acne. Makes so much sense.

My skin started to clear, finally.

On top of that, with a PBWF diet, I have lost weight! So, yes, I am as smashing as I was before pregnancy (Ha! Almost). My husband has been on the PBWF diet too and he has lost over 10% body weight and experiences less back ache.

And, yes, there’s more. By eating a vegan diet for ten weeks we have saved at least:

  • 60 animals’ lives
  • 2,500 pounds of CO2
  • 3,500 square feet of forest land
  • 6,000 pounds of grain
  • 125,000 gallons of water

Aaaaah, that makes an environmentalist happy.

I will admit a PBWF diet takes time. I will share a post on how I’ve managed to cook and stay clean with a full time job and a 9 month old baby in a separate post! I’ll make sure I share some recipes too, though I normally don’t do that here on the blog :)

Non-toxic skin care.

Second part – topical intervention.

This “no toxic skin care pledge” quite quickly turned into “no make-up at all ever” which has been an eye-opening, time-saving and over all great experience. After YEARS of always doing my make-up almost every day, I am now totally comfortable in my own skin – even on the days my PD is flaring up a little (it does come and go, however there’s enormous progress each week). No one has said anything yet and I actually feel pretty most days. I will admit, I do make sure my hair looks good :)

I have been washing my skin with raw, unfiltered, organic honey each night before bed and used only non-toxic body care like Alba Botanica, pure coconut oil and Meow Meow Tweet deodorant and lip balm.

Me – without a drop of make-up and almost clear skin

Less social media.

Third part – inner peace.

I am not sure that I’ve stressed way less these past ten weeks… Tesla and I still don’t have any patience for slow drivers, but it’s freaking awesome to not have Facebook! You know a friend told me that FB can listen in on conversations to better select appropriate ads for people! What!? I am out of that business, thank goodness.

Also, I have discovered that not caring about how often I post on Instagram, when I publish a blog, how many likes I get or to maintain an online “persona” is true freedom for me. This is why it’s taken forever to publish this post… (and I’ve been busy too!)

So that’s a bit of my progress in ONLY TEN WEEKS people. Isn’t it amazing? I’ll tell you a secret too: We’ve had a few (erm, several) pints of Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice-cream and we’ve been on a pizza date where I did have a bit of cheese on my gluten free pizza. We’ve also eaten French fries, chocolates, granola bars and pre-made veggie burgers. All that and still amazing progress. (Check back soon for more diet information :))

Oh, and aren’t you impressed?!

16 thoughts on “10 weeks on a plant based whole foods diet: Here’s my progress

  1. That’s pretty impressive – hardcore though. But what great results! I totally agree that avoiding social media is a great way to become much happier with yourself, no matter what else is going on!


    1. Yes, pretty hardcore but I was already eating a plant forward diet so I wasn’t going from bacon and burgers every day to this.. :) (If I was I bet I’d have even more impressive changes!)
      Yeees, so happy to be less bombarded by social media messages!
      Thank you :)


  2. Thanks for sharing your progress and tips with pd. I am currently battling a pretty bad outbreak with it and having trouble finding a gentle non-toxic cleanser/moisture. I may have to try out the honey cleanse. Do you use a face moisturizer/sunblock and if so have you found any good ones?


    1. Hi Liz! PD is the worst!! Really the gluten and make up was the worst triggers for me.
      I live in Houston so it’s humid all the time, so my skin adjusted to only washing medium warm water with raw honey (the thick, yellow kind) and gentle pat dry with NO lotion pretty quickly. I am inside a lot so haven’t had sunscreen on ;) What I have been using on dry days is the Powerful skin compound from Mountain Rose Herbs (link below). I use it in super small amounts after showers all over my face (including PD area), and nightly under eyes in an attempt to stay young. It has not triggered my PD at all.
      I tried the black clay soap from Osmia but it made my PD flare up. I had seen on another page that it had worked for someone.
      It sucks so much with PD (why can’t it be on your stomach or something?) but going all “natural” worked for me. Oh, and change your toothpaste from one with SLS to one without if you haven’t :) Good luck!! Would love an update!


      1. Thank you so much for your reply and help! I am actually gf and df already and have been using Flouride free toothpaste for the past 5 years (squiggle toothpaste), since I had my first outbreak of it. I live in CT so unfortunately I have to where a moisturizer in the winter months. I’m definitely going to check out the one you spoke of. It’s funny that you should mention black soap because I went to the store today and almost bought a bar after reading it helped some. When I read the ingredients however, I knew it was not going to work for me. That’s actually when I hopped back on the web and stumbled upon your post which was really helpful😊. Praying this clears up ASAP! Thanks again!


  3. hey i have perioral dermatitis right now too and i’m assuming it’s from gluten intolerance. i’ve been vegan since Jan 1, 2018 and since then i have been eating so many more fruits and breads galore. before this i was definitely not eating so many carbs (huge mistake!!)

    so today is day 1 of me going gluten free.
    do you think it has seriously helped you? i haven’t done any research on why we might be sensitive to gluten. but i just feel so much more dried up and dry flaky skin, and it’s all from the carbs. i don’t really feel this way from fruit or vegetables.

    i hope this works for me. i’m glad i found your blog! we have a tesla too lol and i’m obsessed with your plant based handbag ideas too. all super amazing.

    u rock!



    1. Hi Sofia! Interestingly enough I was actually binging on bread too when my PD first appeared. At the same time I was reducing how much I was breastfeeding so my hormones were off (which I suspect contributed to developing wacky allergies).

      So far I have noticed I react to wheat (probably gluten), eggs, pistachios. Also preservatives aren’t doing any good. When I quit make up and harsh creams and started honey routine it got way better! The way I tested it was I went on a super clean diet, started with a juice cleanse, and then added foods back in to see what would happen. It was quite obvious for me how much it cleared in just ONE week on a juice cleanse and how it reacted to a sandwich… I believe health issues come from within and I don’t think hormones are alone to blame for PD so changing the diet to me was the right thing to do.

      Thank you for loving on the blog! YAY! Tesla is the $hit gotta say :D Love that car.

      Have a wonderful day! Good luck with your skin. xo


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