It’s Small Business Saturday!

Today is Small Business Saturday! A day to remember our small community shops, farmers’ markets and locally owned businesses.

Made in USA menswear

I love Thanksgiving weekend because I have four days off work and we never have any plans. See, it’s not all bad not having any family in the country and not caring about football or Black Friday sales. (Speaking of which, I hope you decided to skip the stores yesterday and instead enjoyed your day with friends, family, Mother Nature or Netflix!)

I am all about shopping small though!

Actually, the core of my Not Made in China Challenge is to shop from small, local businesses using sustainable production practices and eco-friendly materials. The efforts I make to do that supports our communities; the tax-paying entrepreneurs, makers, builders and artisans living here.

Supporting a small family business might help them afford a trip, Spanish lessons, donating to a non-profit or get health insurance when/if the GOP takes it away! That’s powerful.

Basically, small business Saturday is about just that.

It’s about “Main Street not Wall Street”. (My favorite hashtag!)

So go explore everything small this Holiday Season! It will be less stressful than the mall, you may find something  handmade and meaningful to bring home or give away and end up having interesting conversations with friendly store owners while you’re at it. You can shop small online too! Check out some great brands here and local Texas’ makers here.

Just like Earth Day is everyday – Small Business Saturday is everyday too.

Wishing you all a great continuation of this Thanksgiving weekend!


2 thoughts on “It’s Small Business Saturday!

  1. I love your blog, your attitude, and the fact that you are so straight-forward. It isn’t about this post in particular but in the last couple of hours I have read several of your posts and was laughing out loud many times. Thanks to info from your blog, my husband bought a case for his phone from Carved, and we are finally going to wear fair trade undies!! :)). Anytime I need to get something, I go to your blog for sustainable ideas. And here I am again: I have been looking for a food processor. As we all know, everything is made in China. I found a few on ebay (used, plastic, made in France, old units) but I also found a little one with a glass bowl made in China :/. Do you have any advice on how to pick something? I feel like in this case any used unit would be an eco option but using plastic in the kitchen drives me crazy.
    Ugh, long post. I just wanted to thank you for all you do. Seriously, you’re great!


    1. Hi Ania! WOW! I was so happy to read your comment!! I think I’m funny (lol) so it’s so awesome when someone else gets my jokes and has a laugh too! Thank you for taking the time to comment and reading a bunch of posts!

      As for the food processor, I’d be careful with old plastic too, unless you knew when it was from and who had had it. Plastic from, I believe 2003 and earlier leak more toxins than plastic does now even. Some things in life are only made in China. That’s just how it goes. My husband just got me a new coffee machine (way overdue) and since all are made in China… that’s where it’s made. I still love it though, permanent filter, no pods. If you found a glass one you like, maybe go with that? I’d probably look for the most energy efficient, easy clean and best quality new option. That way you’ll be eco and get to keep it for a long time :))

      Thanks again for making my day :D

      PS. I love when husbands jump on the eco-train too!


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