Confessions of an eco-fashionista… (who kind of wants to skip that “eco” part for a while)

It’s already August 22nd! Every day now gets us closer to cooler fall winds and darker evenings. I am excited. I am done with summer.

Of course, I would say that, living in Houston, but this summer has been especially rough. Our Scandinavian summer getaway, which is supposed to cool us down, ended up serving nothing but sun, sun, sun and heat as Europe experienced a heat wave like never before (climate change, I’m looking at you). Oh, and do I need to mention there aren’t any air conditioners over there?

Thank you Emma for this wonderful photo of me and our minis.

It was a well needed vacation nonetheless and I must tell you that I’ve thought a lot during this little summer break about where I am going with this blog of mine; if it’s needed and has a future. I’ve truly been enjoying my time “off” which has led me to ponder questions like “Should one really need time off from a hobby?” and “Am I done with the blog?”. At this very moment, I feel like I am not done with it – there are more topics to discuss – but I am maybe a tad bit tired of being sustainable.

Aiyooo. I am probably not supposed to say that! But I am.

I just want to buy all new clothes and not care where they’re made and by whom. I want to throw old ugly things away (in the trash). I want to dump all my donations in a bin anonymously and be done with them (instead of say arranging a garage sale and try to give them a new home.) I want to toss my yogurt cups instead of washing and recycling them. I want to unfollow the perfect eco-queens of Instagram and never again have to see stories about their dogs (I have never and will never like dogs).

It gets worse. I actually went into H&M the other day out of pure rebellion and promised myself that I could buy what ever I wanted – no matter where it was made and from what (like poly!). This could have been a breaking point in my non-profit-career as Sustainable Anna but, of course, the clothes I ended up wanting were all cotton (two of which 100% organic cotton from the Conscious Collection at that) and not made in China. Still, my intentions were un-pure and I am hereby confessing to the community.

I guess after over four years of buying hardly anything and constantly learning about sustainability, taking on more eco-responsibility and educating people about climate change – I need a breather. And I think I need to share that here on the blog, so that we can have a conversation about it.

How “good” does one woman have to be?

As far as living a plant based life – which a recently published study concluded is the number one action an individual can take to lower her carbon footprint – I am loving it and thriving. So my baseline is already super sustainable… I can throw away ugly shit, right?

With that said, I am back from my blogging break and would love to hear your thoughts!

PS. WELCOME to all my new followers that have joined over the course of the summer. Felling so much love and excitement about having you all here. Hopefully everyone is good with eco-confessions!

9 thoughts on “Confessions of an eco-fashionista… (who kind of wants to skip that “eco” part for a while)

  1. You definitely shouldn’t feel weighed down by your own blogging standards! You are human, after all. I hate when I feel a guilt complex when I do something that isn’t ‘blog-worthy’, but then I realize that I don’t have to try to be perfect all the time.

    Do what makes you happy and breathe easy!


  2. Being eco-concious is A TON OF WORK. I don’t blame you for getting tired of it. With fall coming, all I want to do is go shopping and buy soft, new sweaters. It’s like a craving! But agreed, sometimes I want to just not have to dive deeper into every single life decision.

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  3. I absolutely understand. Being sustainable and thinking eco is not easy, although might get easier over time, but like with everything else we sometimes like to take a breather. This world can be overwhelming and even annoying at times, and it is definitely hard work with all the million considerations that need to be thought with every single action. Sometimes it feels like “why do I have to do this? why not everybody else as well”. In the end, it is not sustainable for any of us if we get too tired of it. So it’s good to read posts like these :)


    1. Oh thank you for saying that! You’re right, if we get too tired we can’t keep on. Yes! It’s the gazillion considerations that get you! Being sustainable sure has some grey areas too; hard to make that “one best choice” so sometimes it’s just H&M lol. :)


  4. This happens to me all the time! Sometimes I don’t want to be the weird girl at the store with the tupperware and the cloth bags. The last time I decided to take it easy on myself though every person at each counter said “Oh, no containers today?” and I had to face-palm hard!


    1. I know! So may opinions no matter what we do ;) I really hate when people go “Don’t throw things away in front of Anna” Hmm. I throw things away too (and just cos I don’t see it I still know you do) but can we talk about your beef-consumption? :D


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