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My name is Anna and I’m on a Not Made in China Challenge.

That means that I don’t buy anything (yes, ANYTHING) made in China. I stay away from goods made in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia and other far away countries too, unless they are certified fair trade.

Instead I buy locally made, wherever I am, almost whatever the price. Right now that means buying LESS and buying made in USA.

ethical fashion blog

I’m a Swedish-American, engineering manager, mom, wife, sister, hobby-writer and environmentalist. This is my blog.

Follow my green living journey right here, at notmadeinchinachallenge.com, for life stories, product reviews, eco-baby updates, sustainable fashion and tips on how you can go “green” too!

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  1. Thanks for starting this website. To all of us around this world, it is important to stop China, stop their spread of tyranny and despair. Every dollar we spent is a vote that we have cast on the world.

    Go search the internet, see how these officials speak, go around the town, see how these Chinese tourist act. Go here those protesters. You will found what i mean. The communist are so sophisticated, engineered towards tyrannical rules.

    It may sounds impossible, but even if i (living in Hong Kong) can stop paying for anything from the China, even food and water, you can do it. Although that may means saying buy buy with your iphone … etc.

    These tyranny officials, who are well educated and trained, who have great social, economical. political and juridical power, who care nothing about live, love, truth, justice. who is fearless against hell, ghost or god, are no way to defeat. They cares only money, so the only way we can stop them is to stop paying them.

    In my own words, “Because FREEDOM is our only concerns, stop buying from China now.”


    1. Hi Lee! Thanks for taking the time to share your point of view. It’s hard for us, far away to know everything that is going on and I appreciate your comment! It’s very interesting reading what someone who lives so close to China, and sees the politics in play first hand, thinks.

      For me, not shopping MIC, started with the pollution issue that goes hand in hand with manufacturing everything the global market wants/needs/desires in one place, which like you say shows no respect for life and justice.

      And you are right, we over here, with lots of other options, can definitely do it and support other markets. Thank you again for your words!


  2. Everything you say is so familiar- and I’m so much in agreement with it!

    My change started with downsizing all my stuff, and a general declutter. Then I began “The Project 333” about a year and a half ago, which transformed the way I looked at clothes – prior to that, I think I owned about 200 items, most of which I never wore!

    The next step was just simplifying my life generally, and removing the excess of everything. Part of that was figuring out my wardrobe, and where and what I wanted to be. I knew I didn’t want to have lots of cheap stuff that supported business practices I didn’t agree with: I’d rather have less, made by people who were treated well.

    It’s been an ongoing journey, and I’m still learning, a few years down the track. I’ve made plenty of mistakes. But I’m a lot happier. I still have a lot of learning to do – and a lot of clutter to get rid of – it never ends! But I’m well on my way, and my life has improved so much as a result.

    I look forward to following your journey and your progress too :)


  3. i would like to use some of your content, and perhaps write a story about your efforts, on our bringourjobshome.com website. We highlight good companies and Americans trying to promote made in USA products. We appreciate and support your site. It says below don’t copy unless we ask—so we’re asking thanks Dan Murphy


  4. Hi, I’m from Belgium. I will go for holydays in Houston. I would like to go in shop worried about slow fashion, ethical fashion, … do you have some place for me? (My english is not si good sorry) thanks


    1. Hi Jessica! Great question! My favorite store is REI – it’s an outdoor apperel store with lots of eco brands. You’ll also find small boutiques in an area called Rice Village that sell made in USA clothes from small businesses! Big retailers and malls like “Galleria” are all made in china. Here’s a good post on the topic: https://notmadeinchinachallenge.com/2017/02/08/my-ultimate-guide-to-ethical-american-made-shopping-at-big-box-retailers/
      Have a great trip!!


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