About me


I’m Anna. A Swedish immigrant + engineer with a great husband and two little munchkins also known as Augi and Baby Lau. I live in Houston, Texas.

I’m all about eco-living, sustainable habits, hating on plastic and since 2014 I’ve been on a mission to not buy anything made in China… hence the NotMadeinChinaChallenge thing.

As time has passed, me and my blog have evolved into my creative outlet for thoughts, sustainability and ramblings about my kids.


Even tho, almost six years later, I am a bit more relaxed about where the things I buy are made (sorry world – kids can be kind of time consuming) I still buy local, USA-made products as much as possible, and I’m always looking for ethical, zero waste, second hand, or in other ways eco-friendly choices.

I’m also obsessed with renewable energy, reducing and reusing, organic produce, plant-based foods and Tesla. I am definitely not an eco-perfectionist, and I don’t think anyone has to be in order to make a huge difference! I do what I can, don’t obsess when I fail. And I am well aware that my “sustainable carbon footprint” is much larger than that of a person of less means.

If I could have one wish granted, with the health of our planet in mind, it would be to have every single politician paid by the oil industry permanently removed from government(s). Fossil fuel is so last century. (I do realize the GOP would be down to like two people if we did ;)

PS. There’s only one way to get there – support and vote.

So how did the “Not made In China Challenge” begin?

January 4th, 2014 I decided that I had had enough. Enough of cheap goods. Enough of America’s overconsumption. Enough of high priced clothing from J.Crew made unethically in China. Enough of the distance I had created between my consumption behavior and my beliefs. Why is EVERYTHING made in China? Doesn’t America make products anymore?

So I set out on a shopping and blogging journey.

To be honest, I’ve always wanted to write. I’ve always had a lot of words in me, but never had a topic I was so passionate about, that I could turn it into anything. In March 2014, I realized that The Not Made in China Challenge might be that perfect topic, that this growing passion for consuming with love could finally translate some of my thoughts into actual words.

My very first blog post, Let’s Begin the Challenge, became the starting point of this blog, and still today, what I set out to achieve in my one year challenge (2014!) is still very much true and at the core of what I believe:

  • support your local economy
  • purchase what is made right
  • read that damn tag

As I discover fun brands and products I share it here on my blog, hoping to be a positive influence. If just one person is inspired to shop differently and change their behavior a teeny bit because of my blog, I have succeeded :)

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

Want more details on why I am on a Not made in China Challenge? Check out this post.