My made in China purchase confessions

Being on a Not Made in China Challenge isn’t always easy. Maybe you have noticed that “everything” is Made in China?

Or Vietnam.

Or India.

You probably have, if you’ve ever been to Target.

So, I started – back in 2014 – to write down all the products that made their way into my home despite being made in China. This list stayed short for many years, and I can’t deny how well I shopped and how much of a difference it made in my life. Plus, I inspired many people around me to shop local and to stay away from “crap made in China”.

Then Trump and his trade war happened, meaning more items started being made in Vietnam. Add that to having a couple kids, all of a sudden I am a biiiiit more tired, so in 2018 and 2019, I haven’t been able to keep track.

BUT I still buy local and second hand as much as I can. You should too :)

Year of 2014: 5+

  • MSR Hubba Hubba Footprint for a tent. $39.
  • Ceiling Fan for the porch from Lowes. $89.
  • Two Nantucket ceiling lights for the porch. Online purchase. $100 each.
  • Apple computer and accessories. Too expensive to mention.

Year of 2015: 4

  • 2 x Ray-Ban & Oakley frames for prescription glasses. $159
  • 2 x Merrell Men’s barefoot/low cushion running shoes. Online purchase. $95

Year of 2016: 1

  • A Stokke stroller bag to protect a baby stroller in transit. $141

Year of 2017: 7

  • Britax car seat rain and sun cover. $30
  • Bamboo scale. $39
  • High Chair from IKEA. $14.99
  • Samsung robot vacuum. $800’ish
  • Back splash glass tile. $300’ish
  • Baby-Zen Yo-Yo pack and go stroller. $579 (This stroller is amazing, y’all!!)
  • Ninja coffee maker. $179

Year of 2018: Oh Gosh.

Year of 2019: Oh Gosh part 2.

10 thoughts on “My made in China purchase confessions

    1. That means the world to me!! Especially since your blog is so great and important too!!

      Hey, I would value your opinion on something. I’ve been thinking about dividing the “Favorite Products” page into sub-pages, i.e. have categories when you get into that page. Like Women’s Apparel, Men’s.., Kids… Camping etc. It would mean people have to make one extra click to see the brands but I have a bunch more and I fear the “list” as it is now will become too long and cluttered. If I change it, I can always change it back.. Will you be my test person? What do you think? I’m thinking it would free up some space in order to add some product photos too…

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Hello,

    Just discovered this blog while trying to buy a micowave that’s made anywhere but China. Surprisingly difficult thing to do. I browsed some of your posts, but didn’t see anything as far as a suggestion for online shopping tips. Most products online do not have country of origin listed as I’m sure you know. Do you have any tips? I can understand a company like whirlpool not wanting this information to be easy to find (because it would reduce the number of items they sell), but why would an online store not make this information available? Very strange. And strange that more people don’t care. Not sure what i’m missing here…


    1. Hi. Finding a microwave or any type of large electronics will be very difficult. You might find other Asian country of origin or Mexico. If Mexico, at least it traveled less miles, although working conditions will be poor… For this type of thing, going to the store and flipping boxes is the only way to know. No one will tell you online… it’s assumed it’s China pretty much. Sorry! Good luck and thanks for trying to shop local :)
      PS. Crate and Barrell always lists where everything is made. If you’re looking for homegoods.


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