Made in USA. Fair Trade. Second Hand. Ethically Made. Small Batch.  Hand Made. Or all of the above.

  * Model: Me * Guest Models: Mary Beth & Devon * Photos by: Shutterluv by Ashley *

4 thoughts on “LookBook

  1. I love to support US-made clothing companies! Some of my favorite brands are Stateside, Groceries, Raw Earth Wild Sky, and Wilt (all made in LA, I believe) and Cutloose (made in San Francisco). Have you heard of any of those? Not sure where you live… I live in Santa Cruz, CA.


    1. I hadn’t heard of them before. I looked them all up now and all seem legit! I like that you can shop by the fabric at Groceries! But all great resources.
      I do think most of the LA based “eco, made in USA” brands all look the same. Plain colors, lots of whites, dull prints, loose fitting, leggings, hoodies, tanks. Is it just me?
      I’m in Houston, TX – fighting an eco-fight for sure :)


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