Planet Friendly Food & Eating

Eating is a big part of our lives, and what we choose to eat affects the planet greatly.

Here are my top tips:

  1. REDUCE your consumption of animal products. The very best thing you can do for the planet is to build your diet around plants, grains and vegetables. Meat, fish and dairy (yes dairy too!) are luxury items you should enjoy scarcely. (This saves you money too) Raising livestock causes deforestation, methane emissions, CO2 emissions and drought.
  2. Check tags and try to shop locally made. The shorter something ships, the better. If fruit has been imported from far away, across the ocean, it means that that fruit is not in season where you live. But great news, some other fruit is! Go with what’s in season, and can be grown/harvested/made close to where you live.
  3. Avoid products with palm oil. Palm oil is grown in areas where rainforest used to thrive. It’s one of the most devastating products in terms of deforestation. Peanut butter, Nutella, processed foods, jams, candy, chips, in other words all sorts of products may contain it so watch out – another great reason to read the labels!
  4. Look for the fair-trade label on chocolate, coffee, tea, rice and other imports to ensure fair wages and ethical treatment of cultures and lands.
  5. Choose organic if available. It IS better for the soil and workers.
  6. Don’t buy water at the store, if the water in your home is safe. Filter it, bottle it in reusable bottles. Be smart. Save the planet and save lots of money.
  7. Buy in bulk to reduce packaging.

vegan lentil patties vegan biffar

Learn more about Sustainability and food in these documentaries:

  1. Cowspiracy Movie
  2. Forks over Knives
  3. Bottled Life

Something to say? Please leave me a comment :)

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