Sustainable Shopping & Fashion

When it comes to shopping, there are a few easy rules to live by in order to do what you can for the planet.

Here are my top tips:

  1. Buy only what you NEED, not what you WANT. Be honest with yourself when it comes to what you really need. New work-out sneakers may be a need, while more holiday decorations are NOT.
  2. Buy good quality items. They will last much longer, and help reduce your environmental footprint over time. A bit of investigating before you make a decision never hurts.
  3. Check tags and shop locally made. The shorter something ships, the better, and by doing so you are supporting your local economy, and you are educating yourself about where many items you buy are made. Awareness is great. (Psst. Avoid Made in China!)
  4. Buy previously owned, or swap with your friends. Thrifting can be intimidating, online re-sale shops may be a good place to start, a way to ease into it and get comfortable with having things which have already been used.
  5. When you shop online, buy many items from the same place at the same time to reduce shipping and trucking of your items. If you know you are coming back for more anyway, lump it together. Order together with friends and have it shipped to one address if you are a frequent online shopper.
  6. Buy items made from natural, sustainable materials. Leave that polyester blouse on the rack and go for linen, bamboo, organic cotton. get that wooden toy for your kid, instead of the plastic one.


Learn more about Sustainable Fashion in these movies:

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