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It’s so juicy! (when it’s made in USA)

It’s been almost two months since I started this challenge and I’ve just now decided to blog about it. It started at the mall (like so many great things do!)

IMG_5712I needed a new pair of sweat pants. I say needed because mine had paint stains on them! I love the Juicy Couture sweats and I remembered from before (2006 when I bought a blingy pair) that it said “made in the glamorous USA” on the tag. Left my friend at Sephora and headed over to Juicy. They had a sale, got a pair for like 35 dollars. Insane!

Before this, I had been looking at some (a lot) of that cute stuff at Anthropologie. I found my self picking things up, reading the label, and putting them back down. Really, 15 dollars for a porcelain bowl made in China? For that price, couldn’t it be made in USA or South America even? So all this got me thinking. Is this the new lifestyle for me? My new thing? Could I do a year of this? And so it started.

Oh, I love my light grey sweat pants made in America. I’d wear them to work if I could. (You know when you buy something and plan to only wear it at the house? House turns into Target… To the local restaurants… To your friend’s house… Yes that’s what happened with these) And they started this whole project, this commitment to (for me) the environment. Feel good by doing good.

Keep in mind, most of Juicy’s other garments and accessories are not made in America. Check before you swipe.

NOTE: After this post was published, Juicy has started to produce garments at international production sites (China, Vietnam). Check the labels. Unfortunately this “Made in USA company” may have deserted their original patriotism.