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My scarf is my style – my style is my scarf

A friend of mine once told me, that she gets scarves as gifts all the time. I used to be a little envious, since I love scarves (they’re amazing accessories)! “How lovely” I thought.

But, during the course of like 10 days, I was given two (!) scarves as gifts and frankly they’re just not right for me… Nor are they made right (here)!

Let’s break it down. Here’s how the two (1 & 2) measure up:

Color analysis:

  1. It’s light purple which is ok, but not great for my complexion.
  2. Orange works for me! But, it’s very shiny. And I’m more into scarves with multiple colors and patterns.

scarf blog1Impact of its import:

  1. Made in China and imported by a polluting ship then trucked from the West Coast to the Midwest. Packaged in a plastic box, also imported.
  2. Our friend was going on a plane anyway (from India to USA), and the scarf rode along in his bag, so kind of the lowest possible footprint while still being imported.

How they ended up with me:

  1. Given as a “nice to meet you” gift at a job event by someone who doesn’t know me. I couldn’t say “no thank you” in front of my colleagues and clients. This scarf was most likely pulled from a pile of corporate merchandise (how thoughtful), which the company has lying around. I did my fake happy face (it’s a little awkward).
  2. Given as a hostess gift by a friend who came to stay at our house.

Additional information:

  1. Smells a little of chemicals (?) Need to wash it a few times I think. Boo!
  2. Made in India and sold at a local market where our friend picked it up. This scarf was locally made and sold. Not bad.

Orange is the winner of this scarf battle! But, like I said; far from what I would have picked for myself!

I think I’m going to stop secretly wanting scarves for gifts and just go back to wanting wine. After all, that’s a gift that never triggers the fake happy face (and it’s never made in China ;)).

Not a fan of fans

It’s been a while since I made an update on my blog. Work has been extra busy and I’ve made some long overdue family visits (that’s a great excuse!). What I have been doing, in the name of the challenge: looking for that outdoor ceiling fan I mentioned a couple of months back. I was hoping to find something not made in China or at least previously owned.

But…not even the downtown stores, with fans I can’t afford, have fans made here and not there. I went looking for a previously owned one, but without success, so I ended up at Lowes. Ultimately this led to my second felony since I started the challenge.

Unlike my last felony which happened by accident (online shopping!) this one was due to pure defeat.

Oh well, new month new spirit. August will be awesome!  On the “to find list”? Shoes, shoes and more shoes.

My (carbon) footprint (Camping gear part 2)

Wanted: Me

Why: I committed my first felony. Online shopping of course.

My recollection of what happened: We bought a MSR hubba hubba tent for the trip a few weeks ago, I checked the label, it was Taiwan. We had also picked up an MSR cooking set (whisper light) which was made in USA. As we are heading to colder climates we needed to buy the footprint for the tent.

I swear I read made in USA somewhere while I was browsing online… Really! So I ordered it and when it arrived, the label was screaming MADE IN CHINA. Damn. My whole afternoon turned to shit. Only two months in and already beat at my own game.

Husbands verdict: When someone commits a crime they have to pay, so shouldn’t I pay for my crime? Yes. He came up with the brilliant idea (because he is brilliant) that for any money I spend on made in China products, I have to donate the same amount to charity (environmental or humanitarian)

I spent $48 on the footprint including shipping and have donated $48 to WWF (World Wildlife Foundation). I’m a member and like them a lot. I don’t buy anything in the gift shop anymore though as I suspect that it’s all made “you know where”.

Summary: my first felony – a stupid mistake. It’s made it to the felonies page. Even though I messed up by not investigating better, there were NO other options if we wanted a footprint for this specific tent. Sad.

China 1- Anna 0.