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Locally owned and organically grown – that’s the Colorado way

We spent Memorial Weekend in Colorado. More specifically Boulder, Estes Park and the beautiful Rocky Mountains National Park. Wow, it’s so pretty! And for someone living in Houston, it was a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively speaking. Seeing all the vintage shops, locally owned boutiques and organic restaurants on Pearl Street, and joints (no pun intended) like Kind Coffee in Estes Park, was a welcome change to all the BIG Picture1chains I see here in the big city.

Kind Coffee turned out to be an awesome little hut with lots of nice-to-have things that caught my attention, in addition to their organic, fair trade, yummy coffee. I ended up getting a Yay! Earth! magnet I got to take home. Because that’s how I feel: Yay! Earth!

Even the weather was better than expected. We had prepared for IMG_5102rain, rain and more rain, and sure, we did get some, but also saw some beautiful cloudy skies, snow (!), and had a full day of sunshine on Sunday while hiking (and getting lost in the snow).

My new Smartwool socks did their job with excellence; I wasn’t cold or wet at any point. They are knitted in USA of imported yarn.

As you can see I’m also sporting my American platypus water bottle and organic Prana head band. The rest of my gear is imported (North Face hiking shoes, Columbia jacket), not from China though, and it all worked as intended and kept me dry and warm all weekend.

I love leaving the concrete jungle we call Houston. It gives me hope for the world.

Platypus, Prana and Alberta Falls
Platypus, Prana and Alberta Falls
Colorado scenery
Colorado scenery

My (carbon) footprint (Camping gear part 2)

Wanted: Me

Why: I committed my first felony. Online shopping of course.

My recollection of what happened: We bought a MSR hubba hubba tent for the trip a few weeks ago, I checked the label, it was Taiwan. We had also picked up an MSR cooking set (whisper light) which was made in USA. As we are heading to colder climates we needed to buy the footprint for the tent.

I swear I read made in USA somewhere while I was browsing online… Really! So I ordered it and when it arrived, the label was screaming MADE IN CHINA. Damn. My whole afternoon turned to shit. Only two months in and already beat at my own game.

Husbands verdict: When someone commits a crime they have to pay, so shouldn’t I pay for my crime? Yes. He came up with the brilliant idea (because he is brilliant) that for any money I spend on made in China products, I have to donate the same amount to charity (environmental or humanitarian)

I spent $48 on the footprint including shipping and have donated $48 to WWF (World Wildlife Foundation). I’m a member and like them a lot. I don’t buy anything in the gift shop anymore though as I suspect that it’s all made “you know where”.

Summary: my first felony – a stupid mistake. It’s made it to the felonies page. Even though I messed up by not investigating better, there were NO other options if we wanted a footprint for this specific tent. Sad.

China 1- Anna 0.