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I’m a scrapbooker and scotch glue is my stick

Maybe only HGTV junkies like myself know this commercial. “I’m a painter and Scotch blue is my tape”. Well, I am a painter (occasionally) and scotch blue is my tape*.

But this is about glue. Who knew one could blog about glue?

Something as simple as buying glue stick is a challenge for a not made in China shopper. Recently on a late Saturday night – being super crafty – I ran out of glue and had to get some ASAP. First visit: CVS, where they carry the Elmer brand of glues. That’s what the kids all use, right? And guess what, it’s made in China. Panic. The content of a glue stick is proprietary, which is understandable (and convenient for the manufacturer too).

Second stop: Walgreens and they had Scotch glue – which turns out to be made in Mexico. So freaking excited. Excited about glue! I guess I can say I do enjoy the small things in life! The results: super cute scrapbook pages, if I do say so myself.

Picture glue

*Scotch blue painters tape is made in USA or Mexico.


Scrap! (Crap!)

The world of scrapbooking is a slippery slope. Since I can’t find the charm in digital scrapbooking, I need to make my hobby work somehow without paper crafts from China.

Only thing I’ve needed so far was those 12×12 plastic folders that hold the finished pages in the albums. Started at Jo-Anne’s. China. Went to Michael’s. China.  “How much gas are you going to waste driving around looking?” asked my love. Good question.

(Well it so happens that those two stores are very close to each other and we had hardly started looking in my opinion. But I figured Google would help me)

Came across this great store in New Jersey, Dalee Book Company, that make albums, scrapbooks, binders, desk accessories and more. They even pledge to use only American raw materials whenever available. They had the folders I needed! Check them out!