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Today’s the day to wear red, white and blue

Not necessarily literally speaking! It’s more important to make sure your clothes’ tags are red, white and blue – you know; made in USA!

Mine sure is. It’s my new favorite orange and white dress! It happens to be perfect for 95 degree Texas heat since it’s soft, short (!) and breezy. Hair pulled back is a must too!

Local beer, bars, friends and sunshine… Time to celebrate Independence Day! Happy 4th of July to all y’all; friends, followers, fellow bloggers and visitors!


PS. The balloons aren’t mine. Balloons contain helium which is a natural gas we are running out of and is hurtful to the ozone layer once released. Since they were left behind by someone I decided to reuse them ;)

I’ve got stripes, stripes around my shoulders

I got stripes, stripes around my shoulders. I got a bangle, a bangle around my wrist.

Fortunately, my stripes are not the kind Mr. Cash sang about. And, we all know that orange is the new stripes anyway.

I just love stripes. As a matter of fact I am wearing one of my striped, knit sweaters today, bought before the challenge. At one point all I had were striped sweaters, it seemed, so the question in the morning was not “what am I wearing today?” but “which striped shirt and which scarf should I pair up?”

My latest stripe addition, the first since the challenge started actually (16 months!), is a Soft Joie cotton dress with pockets.

Joie is based in (you guessed it!) California and after looking around their website it seems it was just pure luck that this cute dress is made in USA. They do import a bunch of items, also from China, so origin surfing is mandatory. All the clothing I like on their website is imported, apparently. But you know what? I’m grateful they tell me. I hate when online shops hide the origin, so kudos for being honest. I found this dress at Marshalls, and tags don’t lie.

soft joie

The bracelet is a Tory Burch leather logo bracelet, made right here, which I picked up at the outlet last year. I wear it all the time, since it goes with everything! It’s my statement piece – most days it’s the only jewelry I wear.

Can’t wait to wear this outfit this summer!