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When the baby drools, we’ll be right there

This Saturday, two of our best friends and their little baby T, had a good-bye party as they’re preparing a big move abroad. I wanted to give them a gift; something that is easy to pack for the move, useful and will remind them of us. Baby T’s mom is Texan and dad is Swedish so can you think of a better gift than a made in Texas bib, designed by Swedes? I sure can’t!

I love it when I get an opportunity to give the gift of Sweedie Kids bibs. They’re trendy, absorbent and freakin’ awesome. And one of the owners is an old friend of mine, so that makes it extra special. Baby T is a more of a “new” friend, since he is only 5 months old, but he too is (chunky monkey) extra special.

Now, when he is drooling and chewing on his bibs, we get to be part of it (how convenient to be part of drooling long distance style!).

Oh, how they’ll be missed!


Bibs for cool (sweedie) kids

My little nephew and his mommy loved the super cute bibs I brought them this weekend. Made right (here) in the hills of Austin, Texas, these sweedie kids drool catchers are not only trendy but super absorbent!

The organic jersey knit and sweatshirt fleece fabric kept his outfit underneath dry all day – which is important for a 3 month old trendsetter like Max. How cute is he?

Would truly recommend these bibs! Tell your friends or make your own baby a fashionista. An organic, made in USA fashionista that is. Yay.

maxan 2