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Can’t stay away from shopping? Try thrifting

A part from being passionate about not made in China/buy local, I also love to reduce, reuse, recycle. Love and practice it. A lot. (My colleagues may have heard my tree-saving speech once or twice)

These two “interests” go well together! How?

When you buy reused, or what we call previously owned, it doesn’t matter where it was made. Somebody already bought it and sent a positive (devastating “please make more”) signal to the manufacturer that this item is wanted. So the damage is done. Now, the most important thing is that the product gets used instead of it riding the fast lane to the landfill.

So let’s say you are looking for something that is (almost) always made in China, like toys. That’s easy to find used, and often in good condition at places like eBay. Barbie used to be from all over Asia, now she is only Chinese, but she is always on eBay!

For me, what I am looking for is a nice beach-style ceiling fan for my outdoor area. I haven’t been able to find a single one not made in the far east. I googled but only found alternative-style fans made in USA. So I’m going to check out all the local resale shops for something previously owned. Wish me luck!

(I wrote the other day about the money you save by buying not made in China – here is another reason. Pre-owned stuff cost less!)